How to restore your account to use Google services

With the problem of losing the password for accessing accountsOn the Internet, many users had to face. Most of the services that require authorization through credentials provide the ability to recover lost or stolen information. Similar functionality is also present in Google services, access to which is made through the same account. Let's take a closer look at how to restore your account.

How to recover a gmail account

Ways of password recovery

Recover your gmail can be in three ways: the first two can be used successfully if the user remembers the email address and mobile phone number that were specified when creating an account on the same site and has access to them at the moment. The third option is suitable if the previously mentioned information has not been preserved or if it is not possible to use these communication facilities.

  1. Via e-mail (by sending a verification letter from the Google Customer Support Service).
  2. Through a mobile phone.
  3. Through the help desk with a well-formed request.

How can I restore my gmail account with access to backup email?

You need to go to thepassword recovery, a link to it is available on the panel for entering registration data. At the very beginning of the process, the system will prompt the user to enter the last combination that he remembers. Then you will be able to determine the password recovery option yourself. You should choose "by e-mail" and specify its address in the corresponding field. In case of correct input, a dispatch notification will be displayed. The user will only have to click on the link that comes in the letter and set a new combination for authorization.

restore gmail com account

How to restore gmail account by phone number

To gain access to its registrationso you will again need to visit the Google site to recover lost data. However, this time, you should choose the option of changing the password using your mobile phone. After clicking on the "Send SMS" button, the user will receive a message containing a combination of symbols for confirmation. This digital sequence must be entered in the field on After that, you will be given the opportunity to change the password.

Recover gmail account by number

other methods

How to restore your gmail in other ways? In the event that the two above methods are not suitable, you can try to access your account through tech support for This option is suitable for those users who do not have access to e-mail or can not use a mobile phone. You just need to answer the system questions (regarding the data that was specified when creating the account). We hope that these tips will help you answer the question of how to restore your gmail account.

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