How to create an email in the service?

Anyone who is just starting to master the worldthe web of the Internet, should know how to set up e-mail on the computer. Moreover, it must be done regardless of whether the user is going to correspond with someone by e-mail in the future or not.

With the emergence of various ways of communicating throughnetwork: ICQ, Agent from the service, Skype, and now social networks, the popularity of e-mail (e-mail) for the exchange of letters has significantly decreased. Rather, as a substitute for classic letters from paper, almost nothing is used. Why then should we understand how to create an email?

It's simple. Without your own mail box, you can not register on most Internet services. This means that it will not be possible to communicate with friends or distant relatives through the popular Skype, since you will need to specify an e-mail box for the initial creation of your account in this program. Communication on forums is also possible only after registration, suggesting the indication of your e-mail. In general, almost all modern global network registrations require the input of an e-mail where the link is sent for confirmation. This is not a conspiracy, but the usual protection of owners of Internet resources from automatic registrations. Obviously, if the user wants it or not, he will have to learn how to create e-mail.

Nothing complicated in this. Currently, there are many sites offering to create their own e-mail with their help. Although they all quite efficiently cope with their main function, allowing you to create a mailbox and supporting its work, the differences are very significant. Before creating an email, it is very useful to learn their features.

All of them provide a different amount of free space for storing letters, so the more it is, the better.

Protection from viruses and spam is implemented by different programs, so you should choose well-known solutions. Additional security is not superfluous.

Consider how to create an email inknown service One of its advantages is a long existence on the market, which allows not to worry that in a day or two the mailbox will disappear along with the one-day service.

First of all, open in any browser. In the upper left of the page there is a link for the mail registration - click. In the appeared window we type our data: name, surname, date of birth - this does not raise any problems. But then we come up with the name of the mailbox and the password for it. The name should be typed in English letters and, most importantly, unique. For example, we want a mailbox called "superman". Such a name already exists, so the system will offer its own version with such a word. You can agree or come up with something else. You can change the binding to the server, so you can specify not only, but (, - this does not affect the performance.

The password must consist of numbers and English letters. For a regular user, six characters is enough.

Below indicate your mobile number and confirm registration (the code comes in SMS). That's all - the mail is created.

A few tips:

  • keep the codes and logins for all services (mail, skype, forum) on a sheet of paper or, more conveniently, in a simple text file on a flash drive. This is useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced computer programmers;
  • set up a special e-mail program(for example, The Bat) for working with letters - it's much more convenient than sending and receiving emails directly through the site. Instructions for setting up can be found at
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