How to make a banner yourself

When a new site is designed, developed andproperly functioning, there is a question about how to attract the target audience there, how to tell people about the emerging innovations. A reliable and popular way is to create and place banner ads on pages that are regularly used by potential customers.

how to make a banner

However, given that developing projects oftenstill do not bring the desired profit, you can see in this article how to make a banner yourself and thereby save on payment to the appropriate specialist. In addition, no one will be able to develop suitable advertising better than the owner of the site.

So, if there is a question about how to do itbanner, the first step is to acquire a development environment. For the design of both ordinary and flash-banner, Adobe Photoshop is best suited. Creating a graphic part of this type of advertising does not require any serious skills to work with this program, but the ability to use basic tools and work with layers superficially is mandatory.

how to make a banner in photoshop

The first step in solving the problem of "how to make a bannerin Photoshop "is the selection of colors.You need to at least approximately have an idea of ​​what color shades and images the banner will transmit information.Thus, the preparatory development phase includes an initial sketch that can be done manually, as well as searching for the necessary images on the Internet .

The process of creation begins with the choice of the sizecanvas in photoshop. This size will be the banner itself. There are some standards here. The most commonly used dimensions are 468x60, and also 100x100 pixels. A suitable value is entered using the menu item "File" in the "Create" section.

The next step for those who want to understand how tomake a banner, will create the filling of the canvas with the main color using the corresponding button in the toolbar, which is on the left side of the graphical editor interface.

The next steps are performed depending on theconceived appearance of the banner. You can impose other colors, pictures and texts. The most important thing is that all actions are functionally justified. Advertising should be laconic and interesting. The selection of images should be approached especially carefully, putting themselves in the place of users and imagining what could attract their attention. Placement of the image on the banner should be carried out with preservation of proportions. Advertising will look impressive and impressive, if you add shadows and highlights to it.

how to make flash banner

In order to guarantee attentionto Internet advertising, you can use such effective visual tools as animation. If there is a question about how to make a flash-banner and at the same time there is no desire to penetrate deeply into such a process, it is best to use special free services where all steps and selection of effects is performed with simple mouse clicks in a clear interface environment.

Practicing for a while in creating advertising andhaving gained experience in this business, it will be possible to easily carry out similar work for someone else or simply to pass on to your relatives your knowledge of how to make a banner.

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