All about "Pikabu": what is it, reviews

Such a beautiful, sonorous and incomprehensible word. Peekaboo - what is it? In translation into Russian "peak" means a furtive glance. Probably, that is why in the late XIX - early XX century, the so-called female hairstyle - a short haircut with a long bangs covering one eye. Her owner really looked at the world as it were sly.

Today, Pikabu is one of the mostpopular among youth entertainment sites. And its users are proudly called "pikabushnikami." This portal differs from many other topics in that almost all the posts on it were created by the users of "Pikabu" themselves. What kind of site is this, and where did it come from?

picaboo what is it

Historical reference

A site with such an unusual name was created in April2009 mysterious to a certain period Maxim, before that, about the "Pikabu" no one had ever heard. At first the resource consisted of reposts of other social networks alone. There were simply no one to write original posts - there was no audience at the site. Perhaps even Maxim himself then could not have imagined that in a year the site will have 5,000 users!

Today they know everything about Pikabu. What it is, have learned more than 1 600 000 people who are subscribers of this site. Comes on him and Russian-speaking youth. Every day more than 800,000 people visit the portal, where at least 200 funny pictures and interesting posts appear every day.

picasb is fresh

Pikabushniki: who are they and where from?

A third of active "pikabushnikov" - Muscovites, about10 percent live in St. Petersburg, up to 5 percent live in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk. More than 80 percent of them are men! And mostly men are young. More than half the representatives of the stronger sex attending this resource are boys from 18 to 24 years old. The vast majority of regulars (over 74 percent!) Have higher or incomplete higher education. And the biggest part of "pikabushniki", judging by their social status, is made up of students (37.4 percent), they are definitely professionals in Pikabu, that they know this firsthand.

What are they doing there?

In "Pikabu" posts can not be estimated only"Likes" (here they are called "pluses"), as it is done in other social networks, but also "minuses". That is, to assess what you see and read is an opportunity, not only on the positive side, but on the contrary.

Registered users of this youthportal have the opportunity to independently post news, write comments, vote for the content posted on the site. By the way, the ability to comment is the only way that members of the entertainment community can interact with each other, since there is no format for private communication in "messages" on its pages.

It is interesting that the posts marked "plus" are displayed on a separate page.

picasba hot

By clicking on your account settings on the"Strawberry", "pikabushniki" get an opportunity to see posts for adults. We will remind: the most part of visitors of the man. It should be noted: it is strictly forbidden to place pornography on "Pikabu".

Portal users can filter by theirpreferences and posts, and authors who did not like them. Many people like the ability to write notes about other users that are visible only to their author.

It is interesting that you can watch posts even without access to the Internet. The live community of "pikabushnikov" is active and offline.

Why "pikabushnikam" rating?

Users of the site do not just place on ittheir posts, give assessments to others and write comments, but also get a rating for it. When registering, it is zero. Evaluation of the comment affects him in the positive or negative side by a half point, and the assessment of the post is one. And these are not just numbers, much depends on them.

picabu is the best

So, if the rating is:

  • -200 - the account is automatically locked;
  • -25 - the opportunity to leave comments is lost;
  • +10 - added the right to add a picture;
  • +150 - user can post video;
  • +1000 - you can add a link and edit the post;
  • +10000 - you can combine tags.

Thus, "Pikabu" is able to identify dull and uninteresting users on the site themselves and eliminate them. And interesting - on the contrary, to encourage.

On the pages of some of the most active"Pikabushnikov" statuettes on golden stands stand out. These prizes are given for the most commented post, for the best text post, the best video of the week, and so on.

There are prizes and individual. They are given out for special merit by name and are unique - each is available only for one "pikabushnika." Examples of such are "The Artist", "Kinoman", "The Clairvoyant", "The Strawberry Expert", etc.

Hot. The best. Fresh

At the very top of the Pikabu site, under its logo, there are three tabs, each of which sorts the content in its own way:

about picamba

  • Hot.
  • The best.
  • Fresh.

Going to the tab on "Picabu" "Fresh",the user gets to the newest posts, many of which have never been evaluated. It is these "pikabushniki" who sit in the "fresh", determine which posts will fall into the "hot" - because the fate of the post can solve only some 10 cons.

"Pikabu" - "Hot" - this posts posted on the site recently and estimated mostly pluses. Next comes the next step.

"Pikabu" - "The best" - the top of the assessment. Only those posts that have scored the highest rating in the last 24 hours fall into this category.

300 thousand profit per month, high rating in runet and a lot of fun

So the site "Pikabu" lives its ownlife, and it is very rich. And who is the mysterious Maxim, the creator of the social network that has become so popular among young people? This is the 27-year-old Maxim Khryaschov. By his own admission, the guy spends about a million rubles a month to support the resource he created. But he also earns 1 million 300 thousand. Under the leadership of Maxim over the site employs 12 employees, their salaries are up to one hundred thousand rubles a month.

From the portal users - only positive feedback. "Hanging" on "Picabus", they receive useful information, realize their creative abilities and simply enjoy life.

The rating of the youth site as of February 2017 was included in the top twenty sites by attendance according to Alexa. So, it is still popular and is going to develop further.

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