Screamer: what is it?

If you translate this term verbatim fromEnglish, it means "screamer". Let's try to simplify the explanation. Screamer - what is this? Basically, these are video clips with a similar scenario development. At first, the screen shows something soothing, a nice kitten, for example.

Screamer - what is it
When suddenly in the middle of the screen appearsa terrible disfigured monster or a living dead with a deafening cry. What kind of reaction can a person have? Of course, fright, shudder, shock, this is the whole screamer. What is this - the most primitive version of the pugalki, an absurd joke, a foolish rally? It is specially created to cause negative emotions in a person. But for many, viewing the screamer causes interest and curiosity. A good example is the attraction "Room of Fear". Pleases one: fashion for terrible screamers a little pougasla. Now lovers of "acute" and extreme have to be content with what was created earlier.

How and for what create a screamer

Such shockers are often introduced into games. A person plays himself calmly in a normal game (for example, a maze), peers at the screen and ... .. And then, as usual, there appears a mutilated zombie under a deafening scream. It is believed that it is thanks to this cry or any other appropriate ominous voice acting that the highest fright effect is achieved. If you turn off the sound when you watch this video, then, quite possibly, you will not be afraid at all, but only will feel disgust from what you saw. For a while the scrambles were very popular, and this is quite justified. Almost everyone can create such a "scarecrow". To do this, you need any quiet video or game, as well as a photo that needs to be processed in the photo editor. For example, people make a pale face and cut out their eyes (not in the literal sense, of course), then add contrast, dark colors, draw scars, etc. Is it scary? It's no wonder that people are frightened by such "monsters".

The most famous screamer

Scary Screamers

The most interesting is that the first screamerconsider the screen saver TV. It turns out, if we talk about VID-screamer, that this is a "scarecrow" of the era of the USSR. Since that time, there have been many of them. The most modern and famous screamer, "the best of the best" - is a video in which a girl appears, resembling a decomposed corpse in appearance. It all starts with the fact that the room is shown in dark green colors. In the middle of her show a rocking chair. Then at some point he suddenly starts to swing himself, with every passing it is more intense and in the next instant the image of the girl sitting on this rocking chair is shown. She gets up and crawls, unrealistically bending, approaching "you". Then, literally in a couple of seconds, she with a deafening, heartbreaking cry demonstrates her disfigured, deadly pale face to the viewer. A sharp adrenaline rush is provided to the beholder, from fright the user barely holds back the cry, the heart pops out of the chest. It's terrible, of course.

Do not Mess With Screamers

screamer the best
Many people like to make fun of friends, especiallyimpressionable, laugh at their reaction. With regard to this term and a phenomenon that is rapidly gaining popularity, "urban legends" have already begun to form. The brightest example that characterizes the screamer is that it's all the same evil. So, one girl received a postal mail from a friend. It was without a name. The girl watched the video and the next day did not come to school. They started to call her, but no one picked up the phone. It turned out that the girl died from a heart attack! Like this. Do not mess with the screamers. Also it is not recommended to watch such videos to pregnant girls, children and people with unstable psyche. How much will the impression of a vulnerable person be reflected? And who can predict the consequences at first glance, even if it's a stupid, but still innocent rally? After experiencing a sudden attack of fear, a person can not make reasonable decisions or control his actions, which, in turn, can cause an overly aggressive reaction of the frightened.

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