The three best ways of how to come up with a nickname

A pseudonym, or, as it is now fashionable to say,nickname, gradually becomes an inalienable attribute of every modern person. And while the vast majority uses various variations of their names and surnames, some really creative people are puzzling over how to come up with a pseudonym.

how to come up with a nickname
There may be several options. We must say right away that it's one thing to come up with a nickname, and it's quite another to choose a pseudonym for literary or other creative research. And the difference here is not only in importance, but also in the fact that this second name will reflect you as a person in the circle of those people who will be interested in your work. So let's take it seriously. Consider the three most simple and effective ways of how to come up with a pseudonym.

Method 1: Memories

The first and simplest option thatuses the majority of creative people: before you come up with a pseudonym, just relax and remember your past. Most likely, in your memory there will be images that connect you with these or other events. Starting from them, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable alias for yourself. Someone in the childhood was originally called by friends, someone had an interesting game with a colorful name - then everything goes without exception. As a rule, it is these pseudonyms that are best suited, because in us little changes with age, and what was so clearly expressed in childhood, should and at all hone and become obvious.

Method 2: Mythology

what pseudonym you can think of

Another simple and extremely popular way of doing this,how to come up with a pseudonym that will reflect your inner world and at the same time remain a mystery to others. Refer to the mythology! Which pseudonym can be thought up better than the already existing names of gods and heroes, angels or demons, mythical creatures, evil spirits or undead. Lists of peculiar "bestarians" are bursting with a huge number of options, and it is only necessary to open one of them and pick up what you will most like. The only drawback of this method is that it has become extremely popular lately, and every day it becomes more difficult to find something not only reflecting your essence, but also not occupied by someone else.

Method 3: Books

Yes, they are! You can not call this method simple, but the uniqueness of names from rare and not very popular books is virtually guaranteed. Also you can always choose not just your favorite name, but also a character with an interesting for you or similar to your biography. The names of the books are also good because they often contain non-existent, fictional, but nevertheless very sonorous and loud names.


pick up a nickname

So, now you know the three most simpleoption, following which, choose a pseudonym for you will not be difficult! Enjoy and enjoy, surprising others with banal pseudonyms with their new original name, the whole story of which you only know. The most important when choosing a pseudonym: he must first of all like you personally!

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