Postcrossing - what is it, why it is interesting and whether it is necessary to switch on

In the twenty-first century, people increasingly complain aboutthat nobody cares about paper letters. Fast, comfortable, but, alas, emotionless emails supplanted the weary waiting envelope in the mailbox, bright stamps, the smell of paper, a long writing response to several pages. Of course, time does not stand still, but still sometimes you really want to plunge into the atmosphere, associated, above all, with the time when there were simple letters in the course.

postcrossing what it is

Postcrossing is not a new phenomenon. We can say that this is a peculiar way of international correspondence. Heard about him many, but, however, not everyone knows what is the essence of this unique project for our century. So, postcrossing - what is it, why is it necessary and how to get involved? Let's try to understand.


It is best to begin with history. In 2005, the Portuguese, exhausted by the paper messages, Paolo Magalyeshem decided to create an innovative project, the essence of which is the exchange of postcards from around the world. It would seem nothing special, but today there are whole communities dedicated to this unusual hobby, uniting people of different faiths, nationalities, ages and interests. Everyone can find something interesting.

The meaning of the word "postcrossing" comes fromthe merger of two English words: "mail" and "exchange." By the way, someone says that the idea of ​​sending postcards came to mind Magalyaesh after he got acquainted with bookcrossing - this is when books are left in some public places, so that other people can read them. In any case, now the mail of all countries of the world actively contribute to the development of a hobby, allowing to maintain interest in traditional transfers.

How to join

Usually in postcrossing people come who do notso much they miss paper letters, how much they want to learn something new. And it's not just that on postcards you can see places that the addressee has not even heard of, animals that have not been seen in any textbook, some fabulous stories that captivate the spirit with their realism. Here, rather, its role is played by the opportunity to be part of a single, global whole uniting different people.

postcard postcards

It is worth noting that many are interested in the word"postcrossing", what it is, I would like to know and to us. Every day the number of fans of this unusual hobby grows, and you can replenish their ranks by registering on the official website of the project. You need to specify your address, then fill in the profile, where the subject of the desired cards is chosen (this is very convenient for collectors) and tells a little about yourself. Then the resource itself gives out five addresses to which you can send messages. And with the first postcard in the mailbox, a person becomes a full participant in postcrossing.

And where postcards from

Where can I get postcross cards? About seven years ago, when he was just beginning to make his way into Russian-speaking countries, it was almost impossible to buy decent and beautiful pictures. Now the mail has gone to meet people who are hungry for communication: in any post office you can see a huge number of a variety of postcards. Naturally, the national theme dominates: beautiful landscapes, rare animals, paintings, photos of theater productions and so on. But sometimes there is something completely unusual.

More postcross cards can be bought inbookstores. There, however, they are less often, but still you can try to look. And no one canceled homemade cards! It was with them that most of the current Russian-speaking postcrossers began. Cardboard, colored pencils, felt-tip pens and fantasy can become a real miracle for someone on the other side of the ocean.

the meaning of postcrossing

Travel letter

I still need to talk about exactly how it happenstravel postcards. Stamps for postcrossing are divided into two groups: priority and non-priority. Messages with the first leave by airmail, of course, they cost a little more expensive, but also come faster. Postcards with non-priority brands, respectively, are more economical, albeit a long one.

Postcross site user (it already hadmentioned above) registers each dispatch. The recipient, when it finally reaches him, does the same, testifying that the postcard did indeed come. Thus, the resource monitors the conscientiousness of the project participants.

Of course, no one forces you to exchangeexclusively pictures: someone encloses letters, others - own photos, and others generally pamper their interlocutors with various small gifts. When asked about the word "postcrossing", what it is, one can easily answer that it is a unique way to get closer to the whole world.


But postcrossing is not just communication. Colorful and unusual postcards will easily become a decoration of the room - just hang them on the walls. Short messages on the back of the messages will help improve the knowledge of the same English, and the desire to visit this or that place may appear. Someone collects stamps from postcards - the same albums that many people had when they were young, while others stamped these caskets, for example, to create an unusual element of decor. What can we say about the interest in geography, which becomes only more with each received postcard?

Postcross brands

Postcrossing. What it is? This tedious waiting for the message, a bright postcard, amazing emotions from the pleasure of holding in hand a piece of another civilization, sometimes diametrically opposite. It is unlikely that there will be many hobbies, the emotions of which will equal the feelings experienced by each new message.

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