How can I restrict access to the VKontakte page? Simply and easily!

how to limit access to the page vkontakte

So, you have your own page "VKontakte". You share your impressions, upload photos, write your thoughts about something or someone. And at the same time expect that information about other people will have the same free access as to yours. But here you go to the person you are interested in, and there ... "This person has restricted access to her page." And curious, and interesting, and tormented by the question: "Why and what does this person have such an interesting hiding?" In addition, another question pops up: "And how to restrict access to the page" VKontakte "? Well, let's first understand what he actually limits?

What does "limited access" mean?

has restricted access to her page
And this phrase means that you do notyou can see all the information on the "limited" page. By the way, how to restrict access to the page "VKontakte", it is quite easy to understand. But more on that later. Now about the limitations. Hide this way you can not all the information, but only part of it. Let's say you can restrict access to your photos, videos, groups, gifts, friends and even your location (referring to the map where your place of residence or location is indicated). Often this is done for no apparent reason. In rare cases, this action is justified. For example, to hide their harsh statements about teachers from them, because social networks are now available to all.

How can I restrict access to the VKontakte page?

which means limited access
To do this, as it was said before, absolutelynot difficult. To restrict access to your entire profile, you need to perform several actions. First, open the "Settings" tab in the menu of your page (on the left). Then select "Privacy" and mark the option you need. If you want your entire page to be hidden from prying eyes, then from the suggested list select the item "Only me" (this is the very first line in which it says "Who sees the main information of my page"). In the same way, you can restrict access to photos, friends, music and other information. In addition, it is possible to hide information not from all representatives of the human race, but from certain persons that are objectionable to you. How can I restrict access to the VKontakte page in this case? Not more complicated than the procedure described earlier. Just from the list that appears, select "All but ..." and put the people you selected there.

Black list

There is one more way to save your page fromunpleasant visits. There is a blacklist for this. So, this list is all in the same "Settings". By opening the appropriate tab, you will see an empty line at the top. There you need to enter either the name of the person bored you, or a link to his / her page, then click on the "Add to Blacklist" button. That's all! Now your page is closed from him or from them. By the way, the difference between the restriction and the black list is that "limited" can write you a message, but those who are in the "ignore" are deprived of this right, so they can not disturb you from now on. At least in the social network.

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