Movavi Screen Capture Studio helps you download videos from your favorite site

Software product Movavi Screen Capture Studio allows you to record fromscreen interesting gameplay, online broadcast, screencast with sound, flash animation, to capture audio and video from various sites, and then based on them to create your movie with the built-in video editor.

Below is a short guide to working with Screen Capture Studio in order to understand:

  • How to install the program and use the interface;
  • how to capture video from the screen;
  • how to download video from any siteincluding "VKontakte" and "YouTube".

Downloading the distribution

You can download the installation package from the official website of the company at

Movavi offers a choice of two modifications of the paid program for Windows and MAC operating systems.

For demonstration, a free trial version of the product is available, designed for 7 days. In this case, there are some limitations of functionality.

Program installation

After downloading, you need to runinstallation file (Setup) and, following the instructions on the screen, install the program. After installation and automatic startup, the registration window pops up for more information and product activation.

Starting and selecting the operating mode

When you start Screen Capture Studio, the user is offered a choice of three modes of operation: screen capture, audio recording, video editing.

Specifying the capture area and recording parameters

In the screen capture mode, the area for recording video is selected. To do this, you need to adjust the yellow frame to fit the full screen or a separate area.

You can specify the recording options: the number of frames per second (up to 60 fps), the compression level, the screen resolution, set the timer, record keystrokes, select the audio device (system or microphone). Or leave the default settings.

Video recording

When you press REC, video capture starts. Pausing and stopping the recording is done using interface or hot keys: Pause (F9) and Stop (F10). During capture, you can create screenshots (F8) and save them to your hard disk.

Save and edit

At the end of the capture, a preview of the result is provided in the opening window, which is later saved, edited or deleted.

In edit mode (Edit key)available: overlay titles, audio recordings of comments, filters, effects, background music, removing unnecessary fragments, changing the quality of playback.

In the save mode, you can select the video or audio format (MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.), save the result to a specific directory or burn to DVD media.

The program provides for the conversion of recorded video for finished profiles of various models of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

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