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Internet-shop Cheap-Mobile, reviews about whichpresented in this article, is a popular company selling smartphones and accessories to them. Here you will find a wide selection of different phones and smartphones, all that is necessary in order to feel a modern person.

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cheap mobile reviews

Many praise online store Cheap-Mobile. Reviews, however, there are also negative. First, let's look at the presented assortment. He is very rich.

In addition to phones, laptops and tablets, this is all that is needed for the work of the Smart House system. And also photo and video equipment, game consoles.

Separate sections for motorists andtravelers. The first to offer car receivers, video recorders, air fresheners, voltage converters, car coolers, portable chargers. Travel lovers will find here for themselvesexternal batteries, locks for luggage, waterproof clothes, sheets and blankets with heating, lanterns, backpacks, thermal underwear and even scarer, rodents, insects and dogs. As you can see, the assortment is the widest and is not limited only by technology.

Delivery of goods

cheap mobile reviews about the store

There are several ways to deliver and paygoods, which you have chosen in Cheap-Mobile. In the reviews of the store, buyers say that you can get a purchase anywhere in Russia or come for it personally.

If you want to pay for the goods on site and immediatelypick it up, then you need to arrive in Moscow on Mytnaya street, house 48. The only thing, you need to reserve the purchased goods. After that, he will wait for you within 24 hours.

You can order courier delivery fromCheap-Mobile. In the reviews of the store, customers note that this is one of the most convenient ways. The goods will be brought by the employee of his own courier service. But there are also nuances. If you want the goods brought to the station or metro station, you will get a refusal. Delivery within the Moscow ring road costs 350 rubles, outside the Moscow Ring Road the price depends on the chosen settlement, but will make at least 600 rubles.

Also you can receive the goods "Mail of Russia"or one of the transport companies. In this case, anywhere you can deliver goods from Cheap-Mobile: Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Murmansk or any other city.

Cash can be paid by courier or instore. Also you have the opportunity to transfer the necessary amount through the "Yandex Money" service or use a bank card. With legal entities, the settlement is possible only on the invoice.

How to get to the store?

cheap mobile vladivostok

If you decide to personally come to the store, then remember that the outlet operates without days off and holidays from 10 am to 8 pm.

If you get on your own, then from the stationMetro "Shabolovskaya" go to the intersection with the Horse lane. Then move to the office of the company "Alpha Insurance" on the street of Khavskaya. Turn left (landmark shop "Lavender") and soon find yourself near the end of the building you need.

You can also get from the metro station"October". To do this, go through an underground pedestrian crossing to Leninsky Prospekt, go past the embassy of exotic countries of Burundi and Guatemala and already be on Mytnaya Street.


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Cheap-Mobile - online electronics store,which provides all the necessary warranty obligations. A year from the date of purchase - the warranty period for tablets and phones, for accessories it is much smaller - only two weeks.

Warranty service is provided inA specialized service center with a warranty coupon. At the same time, it is necessary to always remember that the specialists of the service department are not responsible for the safety of data in the smartphone or tablet that you handed over for repair.

New Arrivals

cheap mobile online electronics store

Online-shop Cheap-Mobile (in reviews customersit is always noted) is famous for the fact that it is always possible to buy the newest equipment, the latest models of smartphones, the newest gadgets that have just appeared on the market.

The site has a special section - "New Arrivals", where all the novelties are presented. And often they are sold at a discount, for just a little money.

So, the popular spinner todayappeared in this online store for only 50 rubles. There is also a wide choice of bumpers and covers-books. There are even original bumper covers made of wood for 2.5 thousand rubles.

And the main pride of the "New Arrivals" section is the OnePlus 5. It is a gadget on an eight-core processor made of anodized aluminum with a powerful 16 megapixel camera.

This novelty is sold in the online store, which is devoted to the article, for 37 thousand rubles.

Customer Testimonials

A lot of different reviews come to the work of the online store Mobile-Cheap. Scammers even call some buyers of the owners of this outlet.

For example, customers claim that the goodsDeliver quickly, but this all the advantages end. It turns out that charging does not fit European outlets, and no adapter for it in the kit does not go. At the same time, the company refuses to correct its defect and agrees to take the adapter only if the customer again pays for courier delivery, arguing that the buyer himself is guilty, who did not keep track of the complete set of the goods. At the same time, when talking about the online store Cheap-Mobile, in the reviews many complain about the boorish attitude of employees.

True, there is enough and positive feedback. Many users note that it is always possible to find the latest news, and for adequate money. And in case of any problems, for example, warranty repair requirements, the service is carried out promptly and without delays.

Also, the company's website often deserves warm words. User-friendly interface, in shops - competent staff, ready to consult on any issue and help you choose the model that will suit you.

Some remain unhappy that there is no pointdelivery of goods in walking distance from metro stations. It is necessary to walk long enough or go by ground public transport. At the same time in the store not only provide an opportunity to check the complete set of goods, but also if necessary to charge the device and install the necessary programs and applications. </ span </ p>

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