How in the "VC" to hide friends?

How to hide friends in VC.
Social network "VKontakte" is a spaceRuNet, which a day is visited by about 43 million people (according to data for February 2013). What can make "Contact"? Find a person, communicate with him, share files, watch movies and listen to music. Developers of the site and its administration regularly make updates that make the use of the service even more comfortable. But not all users know about them. In this article we will tell you how to hide friends in "VC".

Friend list. Setting up categories

All contacts with which you are "friends" on the site can be divided into categories for easy searching and navigation. How to do it?

  1. We go to the site under your login and password.
  2. Open the section "My friends".
  3. Before you a list of all contacts. Next to each of them there is an additional menu ("Write a message", "View friends" and so on). Select the "Configure Lists" link.
  4. A menu opens, which offers you to choose the available categories: "High School", "Family", "Colleagues". Choose the one you need.
  5. If you want to create your own list, thenPay attention to the right side of the page, there are listed all available sections and the last line is "Create a list." Choose, come up with a name and add friends.
    Is it possible to hide friends vkontakte

How do I make my friends list invisible?

How in the "VC" to hide friends? In fact sometimes it would be desirable to leave some persons from the list visible only for itself, instead of to expose on the general review. Several years ago this could be done by clicking on one link. And invisible it was possible to make both the entire list, and a few specific people. Now the rules of the site is impossible. Is it possible to hide friends "VKontakte" now? To begin with, the current maximum number of contacts that can be hidden is 30 people. The procedure for entering the invisible list is quite simple:

  1. Go to the "My Settings" section.
  2. In the upper horizontal menu, select "Privacy".
  3. We find in the first half of the page the phrase "Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions".
  4. A window is opened, divided into two parts: the left is the entire list of your friends, and on the right - hidden contacts (if, of course, you have them).
  5. To put a person on the invisible list, in the leftparts of the field we find the desired contact (manually by scrolling with the mouse or using the search line) and click on the adjacent "+" sign. Done!
  6. Make all users that you want to hide. As soon as the limit is
    Contact to find a person
    the system will display a message about it.

Now you know how to hide friends in "VC". And what if you want to hide a friend for certain users? In the same section where we were before, immediately after the line "Who is visible in the list of my friends and subscriptions" follows "Who sees my hidden friends". There you can configure those users who will still see those you hid from the public view. In addition to these subtleties, there are many others that greatly simplify the work in the social network. In this article we have considered how to hide friends in "VC".

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