How to save a photo from Instagram: the main ways

How to save photos from instagram

Today Instagram is becoming more popularamong those who want to share not only photos, but also a part of their life with the whole world. Sometimes it happens that, "walking" through the expanses of this social network, we come across beautiful photos that you want to keep, so that you can enjoy them again and again. And here there is a problem: the developers of the fashion service did not think how to save the photo from "Instagram" on your computer or phone. What to do? Really abandon the venture? In no case! In this article we will give you some interesting tips that will definitely help you save the photo from Instagram easily and quickly.

Method number 1: the most important

In this part of the article you will learn one of the mostSimple ways to download images from your favorite service. Of course, it often happens that we need to download the photos from Instagram again from our own profile. Perhaps we lost the original or the image was made with the help of the program itself. Dont be upset. Just open the "Settings" icon in your profile (remember that this only works for smartphones). At the very bottom of the list you will see "Original photos". Thanks to this button you can save to the phone already edited or just made a photo quickly and without problems.

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Method number 2: if you need to download many files

With the help of a special Instaport service,which was created for this popular social network, you will no longer think about how to save a photo from the "Instagram" bulk upload. Just go to Instaport, go activate your account in Instagram and choose the method of saving. Photos can be downloaded as .zip format or in your Facebook profile. In this case, you can download not only your files, but also others.

Method number 3: download photos from other people's accounts on a personal computer

Undoubtedly, if you are thinking about howsave photos from "Instagram" on your PC from someone else's account, then you will face a serious problem. The service developers have made this kind of downloading photos almost impossible. Why almost? Because here you can find one way. Go to the social network home page and find the user's photo by his name on Instagram. Having chosen the photo you like, which opens up to a sufficiently high resolution, you can make an ordinary screenshot using PrintScreen.

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Method number 4: how to download the photo on your PC?

If you go to a special service forname Instagrabbr, you can download files, knowing only the user name. It's quite simple and accessible, so if you do not know how to save a photo from Instagram, then this method will suit you best.

Method number 5: use the secret code

If you click on any open photobutton, the action menu appears. At the very bottom, select "View item code", which contains a link to the photo. To make sure that you did everything right, point at it with the cursor. You should see a thumbnail of the image you need. Clicking on the link will open the photo. Under it you will find the characteristics. Click on the photo with the right mouse button and select "Copy Image URL" from the menu.

Method # 6: if you want to download photos to iOS devices

In such devices in the "Instagram" under the photographThere is always a special menu, the button of which represents three points. In this menu, you can find the option "Copy URL". By inserting a link into the browser, you can download the image.

Method # 7: Instagram and Android

Here you can see a menu similar to the one describedabove, where you need to select the "Share" option. You will see a new window in which you should select Email and click Share URL. By copying the link, you can easily access the image.

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