BForex: reviews. Real earnings or deception?

Advertising of trade on Forex now is in everyonemagazine, online publications, on banner extensions around the city and even on ordinary entertainment sites. We, as ordinary visitors, are trying in every possible way to "feed" the idea that with the help of trading on the Forex market we can all become financially independent, successful traders, find the key to success and fabulous wealth, earn a flat, a car and a yacht ...

Is it so? Why does everyone as one promise "golden mountains" to everyone who will start trading on "Forex"? And why, in that case, are we still not engaged in trading?

Bforex reviews

About this all, as well as on one well-known and authoritative trading platform - - we will tell in this article.

The essence of Forex trading

So, for sure you've heard about Forex, but notthought about what it is. We share information that is in public access: the Forex exchange is the largest center for trading currency valuables and shares in the world. Every day there is a huge number of brokers who cooperate with traders around the world. With the help of such broker companies (intermediaries, in fact) everyone can gain access to this market and engage in trade. All you need is to have an account (for example, the BForex platform, which this article will be devoted to), a trading client installed on a computer with an Internet connection and the desire to trade.

Bforex entrance to its platform

The process itself is quite simple: you see quotes of currency pairs or precious metals, as well as shares of companies in real time. You have a deposit, on which you can conclude a transaction for the purchase or sale of a financial instrument. In addition, according to the terms of your account, the broker can provide you with a certain leverage that will multiply your risk, but will also allow you to extract more profit in case of success.

Your task is to predict howchange course in the near future. If you are right and bought the company's shares before they went up, you are watching the growth of your profit from the current deal. Conversely, if there is a collapse in value, you are waiting for losses. Here, in fact, and the whole process of trading in a nutshell.

Where to begin?

Proceeding from this, it is possible to note the following: to start trading, you need to create an account on the site (this site will be an example) and enter your personal information. You can start with a demo account: on it you will be able to learn the basic principles of trading and learn how the market works. In addition, such a start will serve as an excellent way to get acquainted with the interface of the trading client and the interface of the system.

Bforex platforms

Then, feeling confident in your knowledge, youmust make a deposit in the form of real funds. Speaking specifically about the BForex site (the reviews confirm this), the minimum amount to be credited here is 200 dollars. After replenishment, you can start trading.

Platform BForex - your guide to the world of "Forex".

"Why BForex?" - you ask. We answer: this is one of the oldest online platforms for trading on the Forex market. In the market it has been since 2007 and for this time has repeatedly proven itself from the best side. The task of this company is to provide the highest quality services to customers by offering them professional tools for investment. This concept includes everything: from the possibility to open a demo account and access the knowledge base and ending with analytical tools, strategies and even managers' tips on how to invest and what to expect from the market.

Plus, of course, you can be sure of the honesty and transparency of the work of BForex. The entrance to its platform is free of charge, and the site does not contain malicious viruses or intrusive advertisements.

Learning Opportunities

Listing the advantages of this site, of courseThe same is true about the thesis about teaching. After all, even if your personal advisers (which the company provides each user) recommend investing in a particular financial instrument, for the sake of the safety of their finances, you should not blindly trust them. It is recommended to take this kind of advice as indicators, but the final decision is based on the situation prevailing in the market.

So to speak: trust, but in any case be guided by your own knowledge and experience. The latter can be obtained, by the way, here - in the section "ForexAcademy" on the site BForex. Reviews recommend referring to one of several sections that are available here: "Forex Basics", "Webinars" and "Teaching Videos". Each of them contains a lot of interesting and informative materials that can become excellent helpers on the way to studying Forex trading. What is most important - all this is available in free form to anyone who would like to start earning.

Bforex com

Terms of account replenishment

Before implementing on BForex the entrance to yourplatform, it is necessary, as already noted, to make a contribution. It's easy, given the huge number of ways to refill the account available to the user. So, all methods of making can be divided into: bank transfers, Visa and Mastercard cards and, of course, online currencies. Obviously, the category of the last guarantees the most comfortable and fast replenishment of the account. So, BForex (reviews confirm this) supports working with such systems as Skrill, Qiwi, OkPay, CashU, Neteller, RBKMoney and others. Of course, they are all available to users from our country, so with the introduction of money, the problem does not arise.

In addition, when making a deposit on BForex, you canexpect a bonus - the amount that will be added to your trading account in addition. Of course, you will not be given the opportunity to remove it, but they will allow you to trade for this amount in order to get even greater profits in the future.


Withdrawal of funds

In the event that the amount on your account inThe result of trading will reach the figure you want to withdraw, you will need to order withdrawal of funds. It should be remembered that the findings are made on the card, payment system account or bank account, which was used as a means for replenishment.

In order to carry out the withdrawal procedure, alsoyou will need to verify your identity. This is done by sending a copy of the passport and a credit card scan, to which you will withdraw funds. All this, of course, is aimed at ensuring the safety of the trader's money.

User Reviews

What about BForex reviews of ordinary users? Mostly this is, of course, the characteristics of the project as a long-lived and reliable broker, which has rather favorable conditions and first-class support. However, there is also a lot of negative opinions that BForex managers sometimes deceive people, promising them a guaranteed income. As a result, a person can replenish the account, after which he will lose the entire deposit.

Of course, this can be true. On the other hand - having no experience, investing money in the Forex market in any case is equivalent to an empty loss of money. Therefore, blaming someone in this situation is stupid: the user realized what he was doing, and naively believed that he was waiting for the "golden fleece".

Starting this adventure, remember where the free cheese is.

Alternatives for earning

preg Bforex com

Finally, if you clearly understand what threatens youfailure in working with BForex (RU-version of the site, by the way, is) - you can try an alternative. For example, the same binary options. From you, as a trader, you only need to predict the direction of the course and the period in which it will occur. The scheme of work is an order of magnitude simpler, but the yield is at 80 percent. We recommend you try it.

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