How to connect a Wi-Fi in the subway? Helpful Tips

The modern world can not do withoutpermanent connection to the Internet. This applies to rest, and to the working process, and for the Russian capital - also to the road home or to work. And, despite the fact that a few years ago the question of how to connect the wy-fay in the Moscow metro did not even arise, now it is quite natural. Reply to it now can be positive - Muscovites and visitors to the city, going underground, can remain online. Although for this you need to know how to connect correctly and when to use the wireless network.

The principle of the Internet in the subway

how to connect Wai Fai in the metro Moscow
To solve the problem, how to connect the subwayWi-Fi, the developers have set a difficult task - to provide the possibility of wireless connection both at metro station stations and in tunnels. To do this, it was first assumed that the access points were set only at the stop points and the signal was amplified to such a level that they penetrated along the entire system. However, such a powerful wireless network could have a negative impact on the health of passengers. And the second option - access points along the tunnels every 100-200 m - would lead to the need for periodic reconnection to the network. During one trip, I would have to set up a connection with my mobile device at almost every station.

The result of finding the right engineeringsolution was a modern version of a wireless network that provides communication standard GSM / UMTS. Tunnels stretch radiating cables along which antennas are installed to receive the cellular signal. Metro trains with the help of their receivers connect to the network, giving the opportunity to use it and passengers. The signal is transmitted to the cars thanks to the internal routers distributing Wi-Fi.

Getting started with Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro

The decision to provide passengers with a convenientin the subway to connect wi-fi to the phone, it was accepted several years ago. And work on the project began on September 1, 2013. Their result was a unique system, which has virtually no analogues in other cities not only in Russia, but also in the world. Metro stations with Internet access are often found - but Wi-Fi in moving cars continues to be a rare phenomenon. The reason for this is the large depth of the tunnels, which does not allow to catch the signal from the surface.

how to connect the subway Wai Fai
In the Moscow metro, passengers were given the opportunityconnect to the wireless network all the way, as the router is located inside the train. And at first, the user did not even need identification. And everyone could get free access, even without viewing the advertisement.

International award

The metro network of metrorecognition not only from its users, but also from the international expert community. In 2015, the program, whose task was to decide how to connect Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro, won the award at the International Industry Awards in the United States.

For the successful solution of a complex problem, an independentthe jury noted the system, which is used by more than 2.5 million people daily (with the total number of passengers, according to 2014, about 10 million per day), as the best project in the field of wireless networks in urban conditions. The founders of the event noted the innovative technologies used in the creation of the wireless network, and a new approach to monetization by the company "Maxima Telecom", and the provision of a sufficiently high-quality service.

Connection rules

Before you connect the Wi-Fi in the metro ("Android" or other operating system - it does not matter) for the first time, the user is required to:

  1. Find the list of available MosMetro_Free connections.
  2. Open the mobile device browser.
  3. Enter the address of any site and go over it.
  4. In the window that appears on the screen, click on the "Login to the Internet" button.
  5. Log in to the system by entering your phone number and receiving an SMS with a code.

Wai Fai in the subway, how to connect
After this, you should wait for the and start using the network. For subsequent connections, the passenger simply opens the browser and presses the connection button. After that, the gadget automatically connects to the Internet and continues to remain online until the passenger leaves the car.

Network Quality

The constant increase in the number of passengers,whose task was first to find out how to connect a Wi-Fi to a tablet, phone or laptop in a subway, and then use the network for work or entertainment, led to a decrease in bandwidth. And as studies of communication quality show, sending one packet of data sometimes requires more than 1000 ms, at a rate of 500 milliseconds. And according to the feedback of the users of the network in the metro, problems with the quality of access arise in 4 people out of 5.

how to connect Wai Fai to the phone in the subway

At the same time, representatives of the provider,providing access to the Internet on metro trains, "Maxima Telecom", argue that the seriousness of the problem is exaggerated. And the total throughput of the underground network has increased to 20 GB / s - with daily traffic up to 50-70 terabytes. Moreover, to improve access, the operator offers special premium packages - paid, but allowing you to disable advertising, increase the speed of the Internet and automatically connect to the network.

In addition, the company "Maxima Telecom" checksthe quality of the network using a special system "Traffic Light." An interactive metro map visible to the support staff of the provider shows green areas with good access, yellow - places in which there are problems. The complete absence of communication is marked in red. The project allows the provider's services to react promptly to the occurrence of problems and promptly eliminate them.

Problems of the underground Internet

Despite the fact that the principle of the schemewireless network in the subway looked simple enough, the implementation of the project required serious financial investments - up to 2 billion rubles. Due to the fact that the electric network in the trains is non-standard (75V), and the usual equipment requires either 220V or 9V, the device of the system had to buy special equipment. It is also costly to maintain the system. At the same time, the possibility of free access could lead to the fact that the stations would have people who need only the Internet, and not the services of the metro.

how to connect in Moscow metro Wai Fay
Given that the metropolitan metro is enoughloaded and without wanting to get on the network, not paying for traffic, the provider has limited the services of Wi-Fi. And now the way, as in the Moscow metro to connect wifi, is available only for passengers who are inside the train. Outside, at stations, the network can not enter.

Pay - or be without a network

After the Moscow subway connectwi-fi became as simple as in a number of other places in the capital offering free access to the network, the provider decided to block the Internet for some passengers. All users of mobile devices on which programs for blocking advertisements are installed, when they try to enter the browser receive a message with a suggestion or disable the "blocker", or connect a paid package that relieves both ads and authorization.

how to connect Wai Fai in the subway Android

Representatives of "Maxim Telecom" report thataccess to the users of the wy-fay in the metro, which millions of people now know how to connect, is limited only by using blocking advertising programs. In other cases, you can connect to the network without problems. At the same time, many passengers report blocking the network and in the absence of applications not recommended by the provider.

The end of free Wi-Fi

One way to get rid of messagesoperator is a paid subscription. After paying only 50 rubles, the user connects to the service "At home". This ensures a complete absence of advertising during the next calendar month.

Transition to the provision of network services only whenshowing the passengers of advertising is quite understandable - the operator earns money. But such restrictions create inconvenience to users who do not want to pay for the Internet, especially if there is a rare need to use it. Therefore, the network has already made recommendations how to connect Wi-Fi in the metro (Moscow) and free of charge, and without advertising.

Features of using underground Wi-Fi

how to connect in Moscow metro Wai Fay
Despite the attempts of the provider of "Maxim Telecom"to remove the possibility of using Wi-Fi in the metro without viewing commercials (sometimes annoying passengers), users have already found a way out. But since in the metro you can connect wi-fi to your laptop, smartphone or tablet, only after you receive advertising on the screen, you need to remove it:

  1. Click on the appeared video.
  2. During the transition to the advertiser's site (approximately 3-4 seconds), close the window and use the network further.
  3. The same should be done when you see on the screen offers from the operator - click on the picture, go to the subway's website and quickly close it.

However, if advertising is not clicked, the method is notworking. However, most often it helps to save a few minutes that could be spent watching a video. And in those cases when the window with the message from the provider interferes with access, fast passage through the link and disconnection can become the only way to use the network without connecting the service "At home".

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