Scoring votes in the "VC" without programs and SMS: scam or everything in a cunning way?

Everyone knows that "VKontakte" is a similarityFacebook, adapted to the domestic realities. At one time, Pavel Durov made a clone of the American social network, which became more successful on the CIS market than projects developed on individual images.

True, frankly speaking, not everything wascopied by a Russian businessman: some features of the social network are still unique. For example, voices. They are on Facebook, as we all know, no. More details about what it is, and how it is possible to wrap votes in the "VC" without programs - in this article.

vote wrapping in "VC" without programs

What are voices?

So, the "votes" is the electronic currencysocial network "VKontakte". Of course, it can not be calculated outside the service (according to the rules); but nevertheless you can dispose of it at your own discretion.

Voices can be spent and purchasedin different ways. Of course, they are tied to real currencies (because in this way they can be received by the user). Each user can go to the voice control panel by going to the "Settings" tab, and then to "Payments".

If you do this, you will see that the rate of the rubleand voices are related as 7 to 1. This means that in order to acquire one vote, the user must spend 7 real rubles. You can do this with the help of payment systems Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and other ways. In addition, of course, there are other methods of earning votes, for example - wrapping votes in the "VC" without programs, without viruses. We will talk about it further.

vote wrapping in "VC" without programs and SMS

Where can you spend your votes?

In the meantime, let's clarify why all usersVKontakte needs voices so much. Since this is a kind of "currency", it is obvious that you can buy something for it. And since we are talking about a social network with its services, entertainment and other similar opportunities, it's easy to guess that the wrap-up of votes in the "VC" without programs, without SMS, without downloading any extraneous software allows you to buy entertainment.

Well, for example, this is the payoff in online games foradditional features; it is an opportunity to send gifts to friends; and even simple sending of voices to friends on their account "VKontakte". That is, within the platform, they can be justifiably called a payment unit. So, in principle, and there is in fact.

vote wrapping in "VC" without programs without SMS without downloading

What is cheating?

What we have? Voices "VKontakte" can be spent on additional privileges in games, congratulations of acquaintances, calculation with friends. This means that they are in demand. And since not all people want to invest in this online currency (if you can call them that) real rubles, the question arises: is there a vote wrapping in the "VC" without programs? Can I get them in some other way, besides a simple purchase for real money?

And in the key of the answer to this question, it is reversibleattention to what it means to "cheat". In this context, we are talking about increasing the number of votes that the user has available, using some tricky method, without investing. Perhaps cheating involves the use of errors in the software of the social network. At least, the users themselves count on this.

In fact, we would like to note at once thatvote wrapping in the "VC" without programs and SMS does not exist. If you see suggestions for getting this intra-platform currency, downloading the program, sending a message or listing a certain amount of money - you are definitely confronted with scammers.

Ways of "mining" votes

In order for you not to be deceived, simply notconnect with such people. Ignore such applications and do not be too naive. Wrapping votes in "VC" without programs is a myth, there is no such way of obtaining virtual payment units.

True, there are other ways to get votes"VKontakte" is free. They are involved in the implementation of actions for which the social network "pays" votes. To see a list of what you can get votes for, you can go to the "Payments" menu by clicking on the appropriate link.

As you can see, here are listed online games, purchasetickets, payment card payment and other options. Passages of games seem, at first glance, the most affordable way to earn votes. Here there are conditions, in particular, the user must reach a certain level, after which he will be credited, say, 10 votes. Of course, this is not a simple wrap-up of votes in the "VC" without programs and SMS, but nevertheless before us is a real way to earn the currency of a social network. All tested, reliable and without deception - because this scheme offers the "VC" itself.

vote wrapping in "VC" without programs without viruses

And as for cheating - then we recommend to forget about it. Programs, SMS and other options - it's just deception of the users themselves. "VKontakte" thus not to deceive.

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