Is there any way to remove friends from "Classmates"

Sometimes users who are registeredin a social network, you may need to get rid of some annoying buddies. And here the question may arise about how to remove friends from "Classmates".

Every user now has a social networka lot of friends. And it often happens that some of them are too active. Their communication clogs your entire account. They very often add their photos, music, news, which you are not interested. But since this user is very sociable, then he has many friends. They constantly communicate, discuss each new photo or news. And you, going to your page, you see a lot of unnecessary information to you. It is because of these users that you have nothing left to do, how to remove friends from "Classmates". It will be better than sitting and manually hiding all the news and events from the tape of a friend.

how to delete friends from classmates

In the network in the "Alerts" tab are all theapplications for adding new users to the status of "friends." Enter your page using your login and password, find this option at the top of the menu. On the highlighted icon you can see a list of new applications or already accepted. Clicking on it with a mouse, you can see all the users offering you their friendship. You can reject this proposal by clicking on the "Ignore" button. The application will be automatically canceled.

If you remove a friend from a person,the offer of which was previously confirmed, then you must go to the "Friends" tab and select the right user. The mouse should be shown on the photo, the menu will appear in which we select the "Delete" function. After confirming the correctness of the choice, the user you delete from the list of your friends.

remove from friends

If you are not yet ready to delete thiscomrade from the list of people close to you, but you do not want to read all this unnecessary information, then there is nothing left to do with it, how to remove it. You do not erase friends from Odnoklassniki, but you do not read the newsletter of this person.

To do this, go to the site "Classmates" andselect the "Basic" tab. In the stream of friends, select the "Actions" function. In the window that opens, activate the same option. Then in your list of events, select those that belong to this user. When you hover over them in the upper right corner, the cross appears. Click on it, while the settings of this friend's activity tape are opened. We tick the "Disable all event notifications" option. And confirm the function "Remove".

removed from friends

Now you know how to remove friends fromClassmates or rid themselves of the excessive flow of general attention to some of them. Now your event feed contains news only from your buddies, which you will be interested to know.

"She deleted you from friends" - this phrase at least oncein life reads a person who has a page in the network. Some of this event is perceived painfully, someone is disappointed. Never need to worry about this, for once in life it happens to everyone for different reasons.

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