Group name "Vk": laugh and cry

The social network "Vkontakte" is the most popular among young people nowadays. Accordingly, the people there are quite diverse: they are people and intelligent, and not very much.

group name
Students, workers, schoolchildren, mummies and daddies,techies and the humanities ... The list goes on forever. But it's not about that. Based on the foregoing, it is worth concluding that all users of this social network communicate either by personal acquaintance or by common interests, and they do it in specially created groups. But most of the users of "Contact" and visitors of all groups are united by a truly unrestrained fantasy inherent in Russian people who do not bother themselves with the desire for knowledge, therefore the name of groups "Vk" can be frankly stupid.

They are so different

The name of the bands "Vk" can be funny, butmore often simply incomprehensible, for example, "a group of fans blowing a pipe to get a bul-bul-bul." What do these people unite? What are they doing in this gathering? Or "a group of fans of colored cowards." The name of this group "Vk" is strange, but what is the number of killer photos of women's and men's panties, pantaloons, trousers, trunks, strings and other things!

the name of the group is cool
And even competitions are held like someone who has pants cooler.

"Magicians and magesses" - in general an incredible gathering. It's scary to go in there: what if they spoil the screen through the screen? How do you like the name of the band "Vk"? Funny and disturbing feelings at the same time!

The name of groups like "We're watching new movies"or "We read cool books," hints at the fact that people are proud of their hobbies: they say, we are interested in everything and are engaged in our intellectual development! But the coolest name of the bands "Vk" (cool) is in communities about cats. "I love idiotic jokes about cats," where you can find just what your heart wants a video about seals. "My master is an idiot, or Look at what my cat can do", "Cats, cats, kittens, cats, kittens, kisulenko, kiselatochki, koshenenochki, kisonki and koshary" and similar names are simply driven crazy by their "originality."


We will not ignore the eternally enamored layerpopulation, that is, groups for girls. The name of the band "Vk" about love is another thing: "Lyuboff, sirdecki, plaidik and HE", "For those who go crazy about him and do not understand why he does not put a look at my new bow on the avatar ?!" . For those in the tank: the "new bow" is not a sprouted onion on the windowsill in the kitchen, it's a new image. Only the word is written in Latin, not Cyrillic ...

group name vk about love
Here is another good name: "I love myself loved by myself and my mirror, too, I love." Two questions: first - where do you take money for these expensive semi-professional cameras? And the second - someone thinks that people are interested in looking at how the victim of the lens flexes the foot on all the photos, makes a lip with a bow and tilts his head to one side? Answer honestly? This is not original at all.

From empty to empty

Returning to the topic "the name of the groups" Vk ", I want toAdd only one: the name at least a little bit must match the content and what is happening in the group. Because there are a myriad of communities whose activities can be called a transfusion from empty to empty.

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