Basic information about the hypermarket of children's products "Buble Gum"

For a full creative and logicalchild needs toys. These are his first friends after his parents, as well as his constant companions. That's why they are created by such bright and attractive children. However, in addition, toys and all children's products must be quality and harmless for the child. On the territory of Russia there is a network of shops of exactly such goods for children - hypermarkets "Buble Gum". About them and will be discussed in this article.

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Children's products include all items, withwhich the child contacts on his way to adulthood. First of all, these are strollers and cots, pots and bottles, milk formulas and food. Further, they are joined by playpens with developing toys, furniture, clothes and shoes, bicycles and much more. All this you can find in the network of hypermarkets of children's products "Buble Gum", whose branches are located in many cities of Russia: in Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk, Belgorod, Tomsk, etc. Moreover, every year this list is replenished, grows, and this entails the need to expand the trading network. Thus, at the beginning of 2014, 33 hypermarkets were registered on the territory of the federation, and another 8 are in the nearest future.

Network development

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It is difficult to think, because everything started with a smallstore-warehouse of children's goods area of ​​200 square meters. meters. And now "Buble Gum" is one of the largest chains of hypermarkets that distribute the products of famous manufacturers (Nestle, Lego, Pampers) and only beginning to gain momentum of Asian suppliers. That is why everyone can find the goods, corresponding both to preferences, and to the economic opportunities. At the first visit to the branch of this hypermarket chain, buyers pay attention to a large territory and a wide range of products, from which the eyes "literally". And this is not the only thing that surprises the shops of Buble Gum. Goods are provided for children of any age, from birth to adulthood. Careful parents can find here not only educational toys, but even children's car seats and healthy food.

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Hypermarkets "Buble Gum" are among themost popular in the country also because, visiting them for a specific purpose, you will not lose a single minute in vain. All due to the fact that the trade halls have the most convenient layout for the buyer, and each of them is decorated with bright signs indicating the goods located in it. This saves not only your time, but money, as every minute spent in such a large hypermarket can drag on for hours, because this is a real paradise for children of all ages. Even parents can remember their childhood here, because the stunning assortment includes all those toys that simply did not exist a dozen years ago.


Of course, this article is onlythe minimal part of informative material about this hypermarket network. That is why you can always visit the official website of the company "Buble Gum". The online store, unfortunately, has not yet been created, as well as the catalog of goods, which is a certain defect of developers. However, this reason is the constant renewal of the assortment and the opening of new branches. But the official website contains detailed information on the location of existing hypermarkets, a presentation about the network and a photo gallery, and most importantly, there is feedback from the sales network, which allows you to contact them if you have any questions or suggestions.

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