Is there an analogue of "Skotobaza", and why is it needed?

When the social network "VKontakte"there was a social boom: everyone wanted to have a page and add as many friends as possible. In pursuit of popularity, people were engaged in cheating, someone bought a rating for votes or gave themselves presents from fake pages. The epic of fake popularity lasted long enough. One of the noteworthy aspects of this time was that the girls laid out their photos in the albums of popular bands to get more likes and friends. Sometimes these photos were kind of erotic.

What is "Skotobaza"

After a while there was a service "Skotobaza",who collected such photos and stored in one place on a third-party server. The site was popular, because many guys wanted to know what photos are spread by their friends and girlfriends. A little later the site also learned to collect hidden photos.

slaughterhouse analog

This function worked because of shadowingpage: when a person uploaded a photo album, but did not hide it immediately, it took a few minutes for the photos to go to the attackers. Of course, such a site violated the principles of ethical and privacy of personal life, so they tried to close it with all their might, which soon turned out.

Analog "Skotobazy"

There is an alternative to the site, users found out very soon. After a while there was an analogue of the site "Skotobaza", which was available at

The service provided similar services, as well ascould filter the questionnaires around the country and the city, find pages of people who are in your friends, and made a rating of popularity. Also, a distinctive feature of the service was a closed group in "VKontakte", where active users of the site collected links to questionnaires of girls who "burned" the most. Now the address of this site is available for purchase, and a similar domain in the zone .org and does belong to "Facebook" - so the competing social network receives additional traffic.


Where has the "Skotobase" gone, and is there an analogue of the site

If you are not particularly concerned with the moral side of the issue, and you really want to find an analogue of "Skotobaza" on the expanses of the Internet space, you can try to access the resource

The site works, but its database is much smaller,than in previous versions of the service. Also, probably, you can not access it using a regular browser, as it is blocked by Internet providers.

To circumvent such locks, there arespecial services for VPN connections. VPN allows your computer to connect to web resources not directly, but through an intermediate server that processes traffic. Thus, for your provider, everything will look as if you are accessing this VPN server, but the provider will not know that you are looking for an analog of "Skotobaza". To do this, you need to use significant processing power to decrypt the traffic, but this is unprofitable and does not make sense for the provider, since it blocked the necessary domain, which means it follows the rules.

sites like a slaughterhouse

Consequences of using the service

Sites like "Skotobaza" were often usedto blackmail people whose intimate photos were found there. For scammers, your views on the world or something else do not matter. So do not be so sure that the analogue of "Skotobaza" will not collect in the background your personal information for further blackmail of you.

If you decide to use this service,then, definitely, be prepared for the consequences, because any person has the right to a personal life. Photographs that fall on the web by negligence or unconsciousness by the person of their actions should not fall into the wrong hands. After all, it's always better to follow the rule "do what you want to do with you."

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