"Rambler" - what's wrong with the search engine

Once upon a time, at the dawn of the birth of Runet, when,in fact, the number of sites in the Russian-speaking segment was measured in hundreds, "Rambler" announced itself. The search engine, which was one of the first in our country, but which was waiting for the collapse. Now "Rambler" is a media portal. Because of what happened? Let's try to understand the topic.

"Rambler" (Rambler) - what was and what is now.

It should be said that "Rambler", the search enginegood quality, appeared a year earlier than "Yandex" and Google. But in 2011, between the giant "Yandex" and the dying "Rambler" an agreement was concluded, according to which from now on the search on the mega-portal should be performed using the RuNet mirror and, more specifically, the very Yandex.

rambler what is

Earlier, the staff of "Rambler" was consideredvariant of cooperation with Google, but the Russian-speaking "sworn friend" managed to make a more profitable proposal. Since then, since the summer of 2011, and represents a "Rambler" media portal, which is being searched not even by their native Rambler search engine, but by the search engine of a competitor. You can verify this by looking at an absolutely identical issue for search queries.

The birth of "Rambler" in the scientific town of Pushchino

rambler media portal

If we talk about how the "Rambler" was born,that this served as a general cause of the origin and development of the Internet in Russia, here is a brief summary of the history. As you should know, the Internet was originally developed by the US military, and then it was distributed among the scientific community. So, in the early nineties in a small scientific town of Pushchino, one of the first dedicated lines connected to the Internet through Moscow was laid. Literally, with their own efforts, some enthusiasts, wishing to receive news from the scientific community directly, managed to still lay the cable to Moscow. In 1991, the Internet was just starting its victorious procession. Runet actually was not yet. Only in 1989 the World Wide Web WWW was created, and enthusiasts from Pushchino already conducted many works. At the same time, even within the entire Internet, they were a very significant unit. Quite a logical conclusion of the Internetization of the scientific community was the writing of the engine of its personal search engine.

Further development

rambler search engine

With the task of writing the search engine forFor several months Dmitry Kryukov, a programmer from Pushchino, successfully coped. In the autumn, in 1996 the domain was acquired and in October the site and the search engine became available to users. Up to 1997, when the "Yandex" appeared on the horizon, the prospects of "Rambler" were very grandiose. He was practically the first and sole leader of the search. And although at that time the number of sites in the RuNet was counted in the hundreds (if not by tens)
but the prospects of "Rambler" (which in German means "tramp") were very bright. If you could keep them.

"Rambler" - what happened? Or what is the cause of the collapse?

 rambler rambler

According to one of the experts, the whole point is,that the main developers of "Rambler" left the management team. If, say, in the same "Yandex" in leadership positions there are those people who stood at the source. So to speak, this is their offspring. That developers "Rambler" in the course of some twists and turns had to give their places to sponsors. As a result of all this, a situation has developed when managers, seeing that the indicators are falling, go to the leadership and ask two or three million for promotion and advertising. If there were people in the executive chairs who knew the issue directly, like Yandex, then the money would have gone right away. But since for people far from the question, these are just superfluous, illusoryly justified expenses, they inform managers that they should come in six or eight months and then the question will be solved. Unfortunately, in these six to eight months, too much time has been lost. And since the situation was repeated more than once, certainly, in the conditions of such management, "Rambler" could not hold on to the top of the competition.

"Rambler" - media portal

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Together with the decision to stop the development ofsearch engine, the owners held and another change in the logo. The media portal, the status of which he acquired, literally required changes in the writing of the logo ("Rambler"). What was changed? It was decided to change the font for writing the name from Latin to Cyrillic. In fact, such a decision has been brewing for a very long time and, it can be assumed, has matured already in the end very late.

What kind of services now includes "Rambler"(the media portal)? Oh, there are a lot of them! Services that include "Rambler": photos, news applications, mail. In addition, there are many side services. This is both the "Rambler. Games", and "Avtoambler", and "Rambler. Finance." The first service is a game project that can be visited online or downloaded any games to your personal computer or mobile phone. "Autovrtable" is dedicated to automotive topics, advice on choosing and caring for a car. "Rambler.Finansy" scans and gives the most interesting facts and news from the point of view of the economist. All kinds of exchange rates, stock reports and some kind of analytics. In addition, there is also, for example, and "Rambler. Radio" - an application that allows you to listen to radio stations directly online.

One of the most successful services

Nevertheless, there is one service from "Rambler",which appeared at about the same time as their search engine, but still enjoys a certain demand, when compared with similar services of "Yandex" and Google. It's about the ranking of "Rambler top-100". This service provides a free attendance counter and on its basis builds top Runet sites, subdividing, of course, them into categories. At the same time, the media portal did not undergo a thorough rebranding of the rating "top 100 Rambler", and therefore it looks, perhaps, for someone not as pleasant as we would like. The method of monetization in this system is such that in return for installing the counter you will have several small banners on your site. And this moment is puzzling, as well as questions about the seriousness of the "Rambler" project.

The media portal, in the end is not thatexpected at the dawn of its development. However, the fate developed in such a way that it was this fate that befell the "Rambler". What happened to the project? The answer is illiterate leadership. Perhaps this is the fault ...

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