As in "Classmates" change the name

At the moment in the vastness of RuNet there is onlytwo really popular social networks. This is "Classmates" and "Vkontakte". There are these sites since 2006, and there are very few users who can not fully understand their functionality. In addition, there are also those who have registered quite recently.

This article will show you how to change the name in"Classmates." In fact, it's very easy to do this. After all, the interface of the site itself is as comprehensible as it is possible at all. But, nevertheless, the problem as such is, and it must be solved. After all, for some, the question of how to change the name in "Odnoklassniki" is really a problem.

as in classmates change the name
So, you need to remember that the whole action consists of five very uncomplicated items:

  1. How to change the name in "Odnoklassniki"? First you need to go to the site in your personal account. How to do this, probably, do not need to explain. That's really really easy.
  2. Next, you need to find the "More" link. It is on the same line as Videos, Statuses, Events, Communities, Photos, Friends, Basic. That is directly to the right of the photo. Not to be confused with another link "More", which is already under the photograph.
  3. When you click on the required link, you should see a drop-down menu where
    change name in classmates
    select the "About Me" section. It is in this section that you can change all personal information. This applies to your favorite books, and your favorite music, and general characteristics.
  4. So, before you change the name in "Odnoklassniki", you need to find in our menu another section called "Edit personal data."
  5. After that a special window opens, inwhich everyone can understand. In the "Name" section - change the name, in the "Last Name" section - change the name. If desired, you can change the date of birth. Even more, if you want, you can change the gender.

change name in classmates
But with all this, it is worthwhile to know something else. The administration of Odnoklassniki is unequivocally against sending out spam, against erotica, and also violence. Therefore, to the question of how to change the name in "Odnoklassniki", it is worth approaching with some caution. In any case, you can not specify instead of a real name something like "stormy sex". Administration obviously does not like it, and then the page will simply be blocked. No, no one will judge, if instead of the real "Ivan Ivanovich" on your page will be indicated "Igor Petrovich". Before this, no one is involved. The main thing, as already mentioned above, is not to provoke administration "names" with pronounced expressive coloring. If you change the name in "Odnoklassniki" so it does not end well for you.

Well and at last it is necessary to give one more advice,which relates directly to girls. In the event that the maiden name is required to be changed to the husband's surname - you should not delete it completely. Perhaps it would be better if she stayed in parenthesis, behind the current name. This is to ensure that your long-time friends find it easier to find you. After all, they may not know that you have already married.

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