Negative keywords: list ("Yandex.Direct"). Universal list of negative keywords ("Yandex.Direct")

When creating any Internet site early orlate there is a need for correct and effective promotion, one of the directions of which is to work with contextual advertising networks: the correct compilation of advertisements, the cutting off of un-targeted traffic, for which minus words are used (Yandex Direct list).

Minus words list Yandex Direct

What it is?

In business, it is very important to find someone who is readybuy the offered goods, in other words, its target audience, which will be targeted at advertising, pricing, and marketing policies. Similarly, the promotion of the Internet. To attract attention to their resources, Internet marketers and website owners resort to advertisements in Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. However, just creating a banner is not enough for successful promotion, it is extremely important to configure and optimize the ad for the target user. You can do this with negative keywords.

The following example will explain this more clearly. Suppose you sell Nikon cameras and photographic equipment in Moscow. For you, a guest with a request for "Nikon Moscow cameras" will take precedence over someone who is just looking for "cameras" or "Samsung cameras." For this, there are negative keywords - the "Yandex.Direct" list, which filters out non-targeted traffic.

Minus words Yandex Direct list

What is dangerous for the site is the absence of negative keywords?

Why is it important to use exception words? After all, the more people go to the site, the higher the probability of buying. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. There is such a thing as a "failure rate". This is the statistics of "Yandex", which shows how much time a person spent on the site. If it is about 15-20 seconds, then the user did not find what he was looking for. Therefore, the search engine will find the resource irrelevant and significantly lower it in the ranking. The more bounce, the lower the position of the site. Therefore, minus-words "Yandex.Direct" are so important, the list of which will be considered below.

The second point - the cost of advertising. For each click on your ad in "Yandex" you will pay a certain amount. In order not to squander the budget for random visitors, it is necessary to make the search more selective and to cut off the non-target audience.

Standard minus words Yandex Direct list

How do I choose ad exclusions?

Standard negative keywords "Yandex. Direct" (list) can be set for any advertising campaign. To do this, you need to first determine what we sell or offer and for whom.

  1. Exclude neighboring and overlapping with your spheresactivities. A simple example is that you sell furniture from wood, but wood furniture for dolls is not your assortment, so the word "doll" should be added to the list of negative keywords. Or, for example, you are selling air conditioners for rooms. The keyword "air conditioner" has homonyms - conditioner for laundry, for hair, etc., therefore, they also need to "otminusovat."
  2. Consider the regional factor. If you offer hairdressing services in Minsk, there is a special universal list of negative keywords "Yandex.Direct" excluding cities of other countries or regions.
  3. Sift out unnecessary labels. If you have an online showcase of hair cosmetics from Pantene, exclude other manufacturers and other brands. Especially it concerns luxury goods - cars, jewelry, since a person who is looking for "Lada Grand" is unlikely to be able to afford a car of a representative class.
  4. Exclude information requests and the words "why", "why", "who", etc. Since a person who is looking for information "What is a smartphone?", Does not necessarily want to buy it.

Universal list of minus words Yandex Direct

What is the easiest way to compile a list of exception words

To find negative keywords for our keywordrequest, you need to use the Wordstat client from "Yandex". In the search we enter the keyword, and the selection gives the most frequent queries on the topic of interest. We copy this list to Excel and delete all unnecessary - numbers, symbols, change the "+" to spaces, leaving only the column with the keys.

Then, in the "Data" tab, select the function "Texton the columns ", tick" Delimiter "and" Spacebar ". We get several columns with words. We merge them into one column and in the "Data" tab, click "Delete duplicates". There are negative keywords to add to your ad.

How to add them to your ad

In order to make exceptions to the advertising message, you need to go to the settings of "Yandex. Direct" and specify them on three levels:

  • a single list of negative keywords "Yandex. Direct" (at the level of the entire campaign);
  • word-exclusion at the ad level;
  • minus words at the key phrase level.

The first category - words-exceptions, notassuming purchase. These include the phrases "free of charge", "own hands", "what is", "drawing", "photo", "tip", "abstract" and many others. Thus, a user with a request for a "blue dress photo", "download a business plan for a hairdresser", "sew a trousers on his own" will not see an advertisement for a clothing store or a beauty salon page.

The second category - negative keywords (the list of "Yandex. Direct), which allows you to cut only certain types of goods that we do not have.For example, you have red shoes in your assortment, but there is no red skirt.Click off the word "skirt", you can not, because you have these other colors on sale If you delete the word "red" at the level of the whole campaign, then the user will not find your red shoes, so you only need to include an exception with respect to the "dress" key. Direct "in the" Minus words to the ad "tab opposite the keyword" Dress "on the left side we write" Red ".

The third category specifies the query in small things. For example, there are three requests - "Woolen Dress", "Red Woolen Dress", "Black Woolen Dress". To ensure that these requests do not overlap and the user has found what he was looking for, in the "Phrase" column, specify the keys:

  • "Black woolen dress";
  • "Red woolen dress";
  • "Woolen dress - black, - red" (so the page will get the user with a request just "woolen dress").

A single list minus the words Yandex direct

Instead of concluding

Negative keywords are the "Yandex. Direct ", designed to optimize and improve the search.Without indicating exceptions to your page, random users will come in more often, and the search engine will gradually weed out your page as irrelevant, that is, inappropriate to the request. Make your ads competently and further monitor them with the help of "Yandex Analytics", then Internet trading will give the desired result.

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