Denis Zhabkin: biography of a famous blogger from Saratov

For residents of Saratov Denis Zhabkin isthe embodiment of honest press. On his own blog in LiveJournal he truthfully covers all the important problems of his native city. Thanks to this, the man not only could become a local celebrity, but to some extent began to influence the decisions that the city takes.

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Denis Zhabkin: Biography

Denis was born on December 29, 1980 in Saratov. Here he spent all his childhood, except for those few months that he was with his parents on holiday trips. In 1987 he entered the school №43. But a year later transferred to another educational institution under the number 93.

After graduating from high school, Denis Zhabkin leftto study in Saratov medical and biological lyceum. And after him, in 1998, entered the Saratov State Medical University. In total, after 6 years of training, he became a specialist in physiotherapy, sports medicine and physical therapy.

In 2005, I got a job in a preventivesanatorium of the SSU, where he received the position of a physician at the LFK. However, Denis Zhabkin spent only one year here. The Saratov department of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports became a new place of work. Here he had to get to the hard work of a methodologist who controlled the sports activities of educational institutions.

In 2006, Denis nevertheless decides to quitpublic service. He moves to work in a private fitness center "Oxygen". Soon he gets the place of the chief doctor, after which he starts actively to introduce new sports techniques into the training programs of the institution. According to data for 2016, Denis Zhabkin still works there.

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Hobbies and hobbies

The main hobby of Denis Zhabkin aretravels. Over the past 5 years, he traveled almost all of Russia, as many photographs on his page say. There was a blogger and abroad. However, he honestly admits that his native landscapes are much closer to his heart. Denis Zhabkin devotes much time to music. This is another passion, which he wholeheartedly supports. Moreover, he is well acquainted with the youth of Saratov under the pseudonym DJ It is under this nickname that he writes dance music, which later plays in local discos and in clubs.

Own blog in the "Live Journal"

If you believe the official data from the "Learn", then yourblog Denis created on January 21, 2011. When designing the portal, the guy was primarily guided by the desire to convey to the public the beauty that they do not notice. In an interview, the blogger admitted that he loves his city more than anything else. And nothing can compare with his greatness.

"History", "Sights", "Unusualplaces "are the topics on which Denis Zhabkin first worked. Saratov was for him a pearl, which he so passionately tried to describe. But as he developed, his journal also matured. More and more often articles appeared in it aimed at covering the invisible problems of the city.

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The social significance of Denis Zhabkin's blog

Today Denis Zhabkin's blog is an importantinformation portal, where residents of Saratov learn the latest news about their city. At the same time, his articles reflect pressing problems, and not what the secular press writes under strict supervision of the powers that be. The most relevant are his following notes:

  • "Where are the trolley-buses promised to Saratov?";
  • "The Year of Pins has come in Saratov";
  • "Once again about paid parks";
  • "Who hinders the construction of the bridge?";
  • "The old house on the Embankment."

It should be noted that today Denis's authorityZhabkina is so great that they even invite him to the meetings of the City Council. However, as the blogger himself admitted, the authorities are not always happy with his presence. After all, he writes exactly what he sees, and not what they say at meetings. And it is for this quality that the people of Saratov love and respect their people's journalist.

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