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Many of us use search engineseveryday. When we do not know how long the local polyclinic works, how to do homework, who to order a wedding, and many other things - we turn to the search mechanism. To date, only two of them (the most famous) are Google and Yandex. Of course, there are other systems like Bing, Yahoo and so on - we do not take them into account, as they are used by far fewer people living in our country. Despite the fact that users have a lot of search engines, which means the concept of the top "Yandex", knows not so many people. Therefore, this article is devoted to search engine optimization and optimization of sites for promotion in search engines.

What is the top?

top yandex

So, let's start from the very beginning - what does the term"Top", and why is it so often mentioned by optimizers and webmasters? When we use the search engine, we can notice this trend: all sites in the output of the results are sorted in the form of a list. This means that some resource takes first place, and some - the tenth. Of course, popularity in the first case is much higher due to the fact that no one to switch to 2, and even more so - 3 and 4 pages of search, in most cases, will not. In general, even the top 10 sites "Yandex" or Google are most in demand by the first three. Therefore, it is not surprising that among webmasters these positions are considered the most successful and winning.

Why does everyone want to get into the top?

website promotion in the top of Yandex

As already noted, most people doTransitions exclusively on the first links in the issuance of search engines. This means that if your resource is headed by the top 10 "Yandex", then people will go to it more times than to the sites that are below. The more attendance - the more views will receive the resource itself. And this means that the project will be able to earn additional funds on advertisements. In addition, higher traffic to the site allows you to develop it, increase the number of materials located on it, enter new markets. In fact, the main goal of any webmaster launching his resource is promotion in the top 10 of "Yandex" or Google with further "strengthening" of the positions.

How does the search engine select sites?

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There is a logical question - if the place in the firstthe outcome of the issuance is so welcome, and every site wants to occupy it - how do search engines select those who really deserve the premiership? How does the very "Yandex" determine where to place the resource - on the fourth or fifth place?

This is, in fact, the greatest mystery,protected by each search engine. Each search service has its own algorithm, which determines the position of each site by preliminarily collecting certain parameters. These include the age of the site, the number of keywords on the page and many others (the entire list no one knows). Analyzing these data and comparing them with other pages, the search engine puts the sites in the top "Yandex" according to a certain order, which we can see in the end.

How to get to the first positions of issue?

promotion to the top of Yandex

Since the distribution of seats in the issuance isthrough the above-mentioned parameters, which each page has, the task of a webmaster wishing to take the first positions is to give your site certain indicators. In particular, we are talking about the reference mass, the proper filling of the site, the selection of the domain with age and other actions aimed at "improving" the resource in the eyes of the search robot.

Parameters over which it is necessary to "work", at leastand not in full, there are in various manuals. Develop their experienced webmasters according to their own observations of the sites over which they work. In general, you can name such characteristics that determine the site of the site in the issuance and give the opportunity to get to the top of "Yandex": age, quality links (thematic and organic, looking natural), quality content, correct site structure, consonance of the domain name, site history and other.

Advancement to the top of "Yandex" - where to start?

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Accordingly, answering the question about howplace your site in the first position, you should give a recommendation: work on your resource. Any specific actions can be advised only by a specialist, having previously acquainted with the site to be promoted, and with competitive resources that have already occupied the top of "Yandex" on the topic of interest.

After this, the optimizer can determine the weak andstrengths of your site, outline them in more detail in order to get started. It can be, for example, filling a resource, creating a new template for it, increasing the reference mass. And, of course, expect that any of these actions will bring an instant result, not worth it - the first changes, as a rule, will be noticeable only after a few weeks.

Web site promotion and output to the top - individual business

In general, it should be noted that the promotion of the site inthe top of "Yandex" is a very individual matter. At a minimum, everything depends on the niche in which the promotion will be carried out, and on the site on which the work will be carried out. Let's put it this way, all the keywords (queries - typing them, the user sees those or other sites in the issue) can be divided into high -, medium - and low-competitive, as well as high -, medium - and low-frequency.

Competitiveness is an indicator of how muchthe process of outputting the resource to the first positions will be difficult. Frequency is the number of requests, roughly speaking, the number of users that can be obtained by performing high-quality website promotion in the top "Yandex" or Google. You should focus on both parameters, because for each of the categories of keywords in question, different tactics of promotion should be applied. Agree, to promote the site for the sale of specific models of refrigerators is much more difficult than the entertainment portal "about anything", because the competition in these niches is completely different.

promotion in the top 10 Yandex

Therefore, if you want to take the first positions inwe recommend not to experiment, but to turn to professionals in their field. On various attempts to promote your resource to the first positions you will spend money and time. As practice shows, in this case it is very easy to harm and thus just kill the project in the future. Turning to professional optimizers, you will not only get a result guaranteed by their reputation, but also end up spending less money. And to do something, in fact, in this case, nothing will be needed.

Do not relax!

In addition, we should not forget that the "top"any search engine is extremely dynamic. It is updated after each update, so bring your resource to the first place and expect that it will stay there forever - a silly tactic. As soon as you take someone's place in the first positions, competitors will try to get around you, working on their resources. Therefore, getting out in the top and starting to earn on your resource, continue to develop it, invest in it and, thus, strengthen your position.

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