How to register a "Price Price" card? Bonus card Fix Price

Fix Price is a large chain of stores,realizing mainly non-food products. Today, more than two thousand retail spaces have been opened on the territory of Russia. Shops Fix Price are famous for their fixed and low prices, as well as a rather unusual range. In them, you can find almost everything: cosmetics, clothing, household chemicals, stationery, children's toys, paraphernalia for the holidays, dishes and food. To make purchases in this network is pleasant for all family members, but for the process to be more profitable, it is recommended to purchase a bonus Fix Price card.

how to register a fix price card


After issuing a Fix Price plastic cardowners will be able not only to easily pay for purchases, but also accumulate bonus points, which you can then pay for goods. How to register a "Price Price" card, you will learn below.

Not so long ago, more precisely, last year, the formatthe map was modified, now in addition to the standard type is a keychain. It is very convenient for large families, the number of the key fob and the cards are the same, respectively, several people can simultaneously use them. Points will be accumulated in a single account, which allows you to increase the number of bonuses. This card is not personal, because the identifier in this case is a four-digit pin-code or a nine-digit number indicated on the front side of the card.

In addition, it is possible to useelectronic version of the bonus card. To do this, you need to upload a barcode to the special program on the mobile device, which the owner will use as an identifier when there is no plastic card at hand. The electronic card acts similarly to the standard one and gives the owners the same opportunities.

fix price registration

What gives the owner the availability of a Fix Price card

After activation, the owner receives the following options:

  • When paying for goods in Fix Price stores a bonus program operates.
  • You can pay for purchases with points.
  • Cardholders can take part in various contests, quizzes, organized by Fix Price.

Possibilities of personal cabinet

After purchasing a Fix Price cardis mandatory. Register it on the official website of the company through your personal account, in addition, after that the user will be available the following information:

  • The number of bonus points on the card account.
  • List of actions and competitions that operate at a certain time.
  • History of charging and writing off bonuses.
  • Subscription to company news.

And also for the users is a partnerprogram. In order to receive additional points, you must enter your personal account and send a message to a friend with a recommendation to purchase a bonus card.

fix price card

Registration and login to your account

Do not know how to register a card "Fix"You can register bonus cards and use your personal cabinet only on the official Fix Price website.In the main menu in the header of the portal there are two links - "Register" and "Login", they both will lead the user to the section dedicated to the bonus program.

When you click on the "Enter Personal Cabinet" button, an authorization form opens, where the system will ask you to enter your login (mobile number or e-mail) and password.

To register a Fix Price (bonus card), you must fill out an electronic form consisting of five blocks:

  1. Card number. On the front side there are 13 digits, the first 9 digits are the number, and the remaining 4 digits are a pin code. After filling in all the graphs, you need to click on the button "Send SMS with code" and enter the received symbols.
  2. Access check. In this block a password is set, it is checked and an e-mail address is entered to restore the code if it is lost.
  3. Subscriptions. The block contains two options that can be turned on or off at will - "Receive e-mail" and "Receive SMS".
  4. The profile information. The user must fill in the boxes with the initials, gender and date of birth.
  5. Address. Here you enter information about the mailing address.

bonus card

Activate the card

Now you know how to register a card"Fix Price", but before using it is necessary to go through the activation process, this is the final stage. The fact is that if the card was not activated, then the bonuses on it will not accumulate. You can perform the operation yourself using the standard scheme, you need only access to the mobile phone number specified during registration.

To activate the bonus card, you must enter thea special field code sent to you by the system on the phone number in the form of an SMS message. After that, the user automatically becomes a member of the loyalty program and can not only accumulate points, but also take part in competitions and various events held by Fix Price.

The second way of activation

If the cardholder does not have access to the Internet,then he can use another way. There is another option to activate the card - a call to the hot line number 88007753515 (free of charge from any phone numbers). So, how to register a Fix Price card through the phone?

  • Call the hotline above.
  • Confirm the request by pressing the special key.
  • Within 15 minutes, the operator will contact the cardholder and ask standard questions.
  • Confirm your personal information.

After all actions are performed, the operatoractivates the Fix Price card. In addition, by phone hotline you can find the number of points on the map. However, it is worth remembering that you can use this method only if you register the card in the system.

After the registration and activation processes are completedthe cardholder will be able to enter his account at any time, perform any operations available to him. As a welcome, the participant is awarded 5 points at the first login, not much, but nice.

fix price card bonus

How to accumulate bonus points

Now you know how to register a card"Fix Price" by number, it remains to learn how to accumulate bonuses. Points in the amount of 5% of the amount are charged to the account if the purchase amount exceeds 150 rubles, with a smaller check, the loyalty program does not work. And also points are not charged for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco products.

In order to accumulate funds, it is necessary to always present a bonus card when paying for goods at the checkout.

At the time of the "Fix" loyalty programPrice Bonus »only standard maps are active. The use of additional key fobs and mobile applications has been suspended in order to preserve the accumulated points.

The Company sets daily and weekly limits:

  • During the day, bonuses are earned for the first 5 purchases, but their total amount can not exceed 200 points.
  • The total amount per week can not exceed 800 bonus points, while they are accrued only for the first 15 purchases.
  • For the amount of purchase over 5 thousand rubles points are not charged.
  • The maximum limit of bonuses on the Fix Price card is 1000.

How to find out how much money is on the card

In order to find out the number of bonus points on the Fix Price card, you can use one of the available methods:

  • In the personal cabinet on the official portal.
  • At the store employee at the checkout.
  • By the toll-free hotline number on the back of the card.

How to register a card fix price by number

If the buyer intends to pay forpurchase bonuses, then you need to notify the cashier about it. In this case, he will give you not only the main check sheet, but also an additional one, where information on the points written off and remaining on the card will be indicated.

How to pay for goods with bonuses

The points accumulated for the purchase becomeactive not immediately, but after 14 days. In order to pay them, you need to show the card to the cashier and notify him about it. It should be noted that according to the rules of the loyalty program, you can pay bonuses only by 50%, the rest should be paid in cash.

Tobacco and alcohol products pay pointsit is impossible. The company's rules prohibit the transfer of a standard bonus card to third parties, therefore, at the time of payment, the cashier has the full right to demand from the buyer an identity card.

Can points be written off?

In addition to the standard process of writing off bonuses for purchases at the discretion of the customer, they can be written off in other cases:

  • At erroneous charge.
  • When the participant violated the rules of the loyalty program, if the bonus card is misused or transferred to third parties.

The validity period of the points is 180 days from the time they are received to the account. Under the rules of the Fix Price program, bonuses not spent in the specified period are burned.

Permanent buyers and active participantsof the shares held by the company, attention should be given to the rules of participation, as store employees very carefully monitor the conscientious implementation of the conditions. If violations are detected, the bonus card is blocked, all accumulated points are canceled, and the owner is removed from the list of program participants.

To avoid such measures, you should:

  • Do not buy goods worth more than 5 thousand rubles, especially for subsequent resale.
  • In time, spend accumulated bonuses.
  • Do not transfer to use the bonus card "Fix Price" to third parties.

how to register a fixed price card through the phone

Re-registration of the card

The bonus card Fix Price does not expire,therefore it is not necessary to re-issue it. However, re-registration may be required if the card is lost or unsuitable for later use. In these cases, you will have to purchase a new card. After purchase, you need to contact Fix Price Support and provide them with information about the new card number and the old mobile number. The operator will ask standard questions, then transfer the accumulated bonuses to a new account.

Do not know how to re-register a cardFix Price? Re-registration may be required only if the mobile phone number has not been previously confirmed or has been changed. In this case, you should follow the same steps as when you first registered.


Fairly often, Fix Priceits customers various promotions and prizes, where you can win prizes. Any owner of a bonus card who has performed all the necessary actions (how to register a Fix Price card via the Internet described above) can become a participant and made purchases in one of the chain stores for a sum of 1 thousand rubles per quarter (not necessarily at a time). Any share passes under the following algorithm:

  • There is an announcement about the launch of the promotion.
  • The cardholder confirms his consent to participate.
  • On the set day, there is an online prize draw.
  • Immediately after completion, a list of winners appears in the special section.

As a prize, the winners receive:

  • Cars.
  • Money.
  • Certificates for a certain amount, which can be spent in one of the shops of the network Fix Price.

In order to see the list of winners of the last contest, it is necessary to go to the official site, in the section "Competitions", there are always lists of winners.

Want to make purchases and spend whileless than before? The Fix Price bonus card is a good opportunity to save money. Now you know about all its advantages, how to register a "Fix Price" card, activate and accumulate points. You can use it completely in any store, in whatever corner of the country you are. Today the network of these stores is very common, you can meet them in many big and small cities.

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