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The number of purchases made on the Internet,grows every day, and it will not be an opening for anyone. Indeed, as comfortable sitting in the arm-chair, do not swat under the rain, for example, for groceries, but get them with delivery to the apartment doors. In addition to undoubted convenience, purchases in this format allow you to save significant amounts of money.

vasko ru reviews
The recent trend was the emergence ofcalled malls - shops, where you can find almost everything. One of their representatives is the brand, reviews of which are numerous, but recently have a consistently negative color. I propose to understand what is a fact, and what is written under the influence of a momentary impression. To begin with, it's good to learn a little information about this company.

When it appeared and how it developed

The official appearance of the company is 1991. Quite complex, I must say, time period for starting a business. Nevertheless, she took a serious position among sellers of household appliances, distributing it mainly in open markets. Over time, the company's management has developed partnerships with a number of leading manufacturers of kitchen, home and dacha technology.

The Vasko, reviews of which are so worried about others, started in 2004. So soon will be celebrated its decade. A solid figure for such a business. In addition to sales, the company provides services for the delivery of goods (with the involvement of a third-party carrier) and installation of equipment.

As in any major store, the Complaints Departmentis present in Reviews, judging by them, say that this unit has recently been working in the regime of serious overloads. Well, that's actually, and all the facts that matter in our study.

vasko reviews
What's Outside

First, let's see what looks like. Feedback on the convenience of the site interface, order forms are mostly absent or are positive. Indeed, finding the right product is easy enough if you use the search form. All the services provided are detailed, not original, but working advice on the selection, purchase and acceptance of goods. In general, we can say that for this part of the claims there.

Next, look at the prices offered by Vasko. Reviews for the most part say that they are in the store more than competitive. I did not like only two points. The first of them is one of the conditions of delivery, according to which the buyer must be present at the place where the order will be brought, the delivery time, and it is indicated by six hours. Even for those who do not work, it's quite inconvenient. I can easily imagine my mother with a small child who will have to stay home all day due to the fact that she expects her purchase from the store. Strange practice is Vasko. The online store, reviews of which do not shine with praise, it seems to me, is missing a lot of buyers because of this.

The second thing that alerted me is the example of the agreement,which is signed with the buyer. It does not contain any details of the seller. Is this a great commercial secret? That is, the buyer until the last will not know with whom the contract is concluded - with Vasko or a one-day company.

vasko online store reviews
And what's inside

Percent of the published reviewssay that most of the products offered at ridiculous prices, in fact, is not available. Store employees often offer replacements, but for completely different money. Quality of service often leaves much to be desired. Exchange defective or unsuitable goods is problematic. Since such information appears in most of the reviews, one can believe in their fairness.

Thus, despite the externalattractiveness, the reputation of the store is very doubtful. Well, in order to make sure of this or lose faith, you can order something inexpensive in this store, for example, a bed linen kit or a toy for a child, and then see how the employees of this resource work. Successful shopping for you.

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