What should I do if the security code does not come from Instagram?

In a very short period of time the service"Instagram", which allows you to share photos in a user-friendly form, gained the widest popularity all over the world. This is a real success story about how the developers of the site managed to earn millions. And today it is an independent social network in which people communicate, share photos and even earn millions of users.

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in the "Instagram" security code does not come

"Instagram" is free and, of course, is free forregistration. For this reason, there are special safety rules that must be observed. They make the social network a more convenient place for all participants: they allow you to get rid of spam and advertising images, viruses, insults and everything else that interferes with a simple user.

It's easy to register here: you must specify a login, first name, last name, mailbox, and phone number. Regarding the latter, users have a lot of questions, especially if the "Instagram" security code does not come at all. What to do with this, and what caused such a mistake - read on. In this article, we will describe in detail the solution, so that in the future the reader does not have such a problem.

Verify your phone

You ask: "Why indicate your number?" Perhaps you would not even like to provide your phone number to unauthorized persons, including Instagram. And this can be understood.

security code "Instagram" does not come

But there is also a downside to the coin. If you want, that you are not bothered by spammers, you need to sacrifice something. Moreover, specifying a mobile number helps to further protect your account. After all, it is known that hacking e-mail and gaining control over the account is easier than taking an SMS (confirmation). For this reason, users should enter their number on the site. In addition, a mobile SIM card is a more serious identifier than, say, an e-mail box. If the latter is easy to register in large quantities, then it will be much more problematic to organize mass work with the former.

But what if the security code does not come in Instagram?

Problems with the code during registration

what to do if Instagram does not receive a security code

As shown by numerous reviews on variousforums, such an error is quite common. Many people in the "Instagram" security code does not come, despite the fact that after the indication of the number goes through a long period of time. Moreover, as practice shows, resending the request does not solve the problem, and SMS does not come anyway.

This creates an obvious problem - a person,who wants to log in to his account after confirming the mobile number, can not do it, because the confirmation is not there. They struggle with this in different ways. Someone, if the security code does not come in Instagram, simply "clogs" this social network and refuses to use it. Others are looking for an opportunity to eliminate the error.


On the forums that describe this problem,there is a lot of information about why this is happening, and how to deal with it. It turns out that everything is extremely simple. The security code "Instagram" does not come for the reason that the network policy prohibits the reuse of the same phone number. To prevent multiple registration of records under identical mobile numbers, the developers obviously introduced such a mechanism. SMS just does not come, and the record under such a number can not be confirmed.

because of what "Instagram" does not come with a security code

In what cases can this happen? When exactly the security code "Instagram" does not come to your phone? Well, we answer: there can be two situations. Either you or your relatives / friends registered your phone number in the system; or another SIM card was used by another person who created a record for himself. In both cases, you, as the current user of this phone number, can easily access the previously registered account without any problems. Actually, that's why the Instagram does not come with a security code.

Given this, the output is obvious - you need to change the phone with which you register. If it is not in the system, there will be no difficulties.


If you in the Instagram do not have a security codecomes, although a sufficient amount of time after sending the request has already passed - change the phone number. It is enough to create another account, confirm it - and it will work out. As evidenced by the reviews faced with a similar problem, the solution works - so you can easily go from the second record.

In the event that this did not help, againmake sure that the reusable number is "clean" and is not registered on the site. Perhaps, that you already pointed it to another account - then, obviously, such a "change" will not do anything. If there are no other SIM cards, do not worry. You can buy a new one that definitely will not be "lit up" in "Instagram", and you can always register one new account for it. In general, the logic of what to do if Instagram does not come with a security code is understandable.

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