Step-by-step instruction: how to become a referral on Seosprint

The question is, how on Seosprint to become a referral, excitesmany Internet users. After all, this is the easiest way to get an additional source of profit from each job done on the site. In addition, participants who have joined the referral network can participate in contests and win cash prizes. What needs to be done for this?

Step 1: register on the site

To fulfill the condition, you need to open any siteabout earnings and click on the banner Seosprint. Referral link can also be obtained from friends or acquaintances. After the transition, a new page will open. Then you need to register in the system.

how to become a referral on seosprint

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the usercan not change the referrer or refuse it after joining. Executors who have authorized the site earlier are advised to skip this step. Those registered with the referral link can consider the issue resolved, as on Seosprint become a referral.

Step 2: Make sure there is no referrer

This only applies to volunteeringusers who joined the system. To check if there is a referrer from the artist, you need to log into your personal account. Next, go to the links "my wall" and "additional statistics - is visible only to the owner "in order of priority.The participant who does not have a referrer can join any performer.

Step 3: choose a better mentor for yourself

Referrer - this is the adviser and assistant of each team member. He will tell you how to become a referral on Seosprint and take the first place in the group. Leaders receive monetary encouragement. Therefore, the selection of a mentor should be approached responsibly.

how to become someone's referral on seosprint

It is not necessary to be enticed by the promised 80-90% of the profit from cooperation. The refB system installs automatically. It is necessary to take into account the rating and reputation of the user, as well as the frequency of competitions held by him.

Step 4: Join the referrer

To do this, go to the link "my wall" inpersonal cabinet. At the top is the search for the artist ID. Then you need to enter the number and click on the "find" button. The participant of the system will get to the page of the right person. After that, you need to click on the "Become a referral for this user" link. The participant only needs to confirm the action by repeatedly pressing the button suggested in the pop-up window.

How to become someone's referral on Seosprint and get a reward

The performer can earn a little on the assignment to join the team of another participant. To do this, he needs to go to the link "invitation to ref SEO" in the right block.

Then you need to select the appropriatethe task. In the conditions of execution, it describes in detail how to become a referral on Seosprint. After reading them carefully, you should get started. The referrer page will open. Then you need to click on the orange button. After joining the referrer, you must specify the name and user ID in the report.

how to become a referral on seosprint

Then you need to confirm the execution. The report will be sent to the referrer. After the successful passage of the verification phase, the user will receive a monetary reward. The average cost of such a task - 30 rubles, but this is not the limit.

How on Seosprint to become a referral, if the potential mentor requires the status of "working"

To satisfy his demand, it is necessaryspecify the personal information in your account. After the status changes from "passer-by" to "worker", you can take a job to join the referrer. </ span </ p>

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