The best dating sites: user reviews, features and efficiency

Unfortunately, to get acquainted with the representativethe opposite sex today is much more difficult than before. And this applies equally to men and women. To start correspondence with a person you like is much easier through the Internet - the Network gives a certain feeling of protection from pain, which can accompany a real acquaintance. And the feeling of awkwardness is somewhat smoothed out. And what about the fact that many simply do not have enough time for real dating, and there's nothing to say.

dating sites reviews

To be or not to be?

In the modern world of technology dating throughInternet - not a rarity, but rather a pattern. Young people register on the relevant sites, make friends, friends, and sometimes strong families. Alas, most often the correspondence on the site ends with nothing at the majority of users.

Psychologists attribute this to the fact that such sites give a false sense of choice - a person always expects to find someone better than the previous interlocutor and, possibly, with him, it will be possible to build relationships.

In any case, if you still doubt whether it is worth creating a profile on one of the dating sites, be sure to do it! After all, you will not lose anything ... and maybe even get it.

dating sites for serious reviews

How effective are dating sites?

In recent years, dating sites for seriousrelations, the reviews of which we will consider today, are becoming more and more in demand. Perhaps this is due to the growing number of couples who once met through the Internet and soon realized that they had found each other. Their number is increasing every year.

Of course, you can probably find a suitable website not at once, but soon get comfortable and be able to communicate freely. And this article will tell you the most good dating sites. Feedback from users will help in this.

A good dating site (for a serious relationship,on reviews, is also suitable). A site with such an unusual name (mamba - black venomous snake), perhaps, the most popular on the Internet. For many users, it remains the favorite and the only one for a long time. After all, someone finds their own and removes the questionnaire, and someone for years searches for love / partner / mistress for one night.

Benefits: opportunity to communicate with other users for free without buying a premium, nice design, user-friendly interface and a huge selection of questionnaires. For an additional fee, you can keep your profile on the first search positions for a long time.

Disadvantages. And they are. First of all, many girls do not like that their questionnaires go lower and lower in the search and without paying them you can not raise them. Accordingly, and the hope that you will see the one and only, is melting in front of your eyes. In addition, the abundance of perverts and indecent proposals is somewhat annoying. But adequate and pleasant people also meet. And most importantly, you can build strong relationships with them. Also users scold the poor work of the moderators.

best dating sites reviews


Dating site, reviews about which alsomostly positive. Among the advantages of Badoo users distinguish the following: the possibility of free communication only with those people to whom you responded sympathy to their "like". That is, a person who does not like you, can not enter into a dialogue with you. At the same time, a very convenient interface, the presence of a mobile version and communication with quite adequate people makes the site favorite for many users.

Disadvantages. The main one is, of course, payment for some services (although you can do without them), as well as the need for detailed filling out the questionnaire, which allows you to get acquainted with the profiles of other users.


Another popular dating site. According to reviews, I connected not one pair. From the advantages of users provide a convenient interface and a large number of questionnaires. Paid services are also many attributed to the merits, since a person who simply has nothing to do, will not pay for communication on the Web. Quite a fair argument.

The disadvantages can be considered only abundanceobscene proposals, which, alas, are found on every site with so many questionnaires. And of course, paid services for both women and men - some believe that, ideally, only the male half of users should be forced to fork out.

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A fairly simple but functional website,which allows you to search for interlocutors by profession, which often facilitates communication. Pleasant design, clear interface. Here you can find not only love, but also just people to communicate on interesting topics. Alas, the reviews on the web about him are quite small.

Russian site for dating and communication, whichOriginally conceived as a mobile application. Not so untwisted, as "Mamba", but quite worthy. So, the advantages: an interesting and fun interface, the ability to communicate with adequate people. Inadequate perverts moderators block, as well as suggestions of a sexual nature for a monetary reward in the event that you contact the administrator with a complaint. In addition, the site has many interesting additions. Activists from the site organize meetings with the cultural program in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Disadvantages: users can add erotic photos, and moderators arrange erotic competitions, which does not contribute to serious acquaintances. The questionnaire also quickly goes down in the search, and the service of raising it is paid.

Other dating sites

Here are collected dating sites, reviews of which are contradictory. Nevertheless, they can be useful to you.

1. "Photostrana".

2. Mylove.

3. Teamo.

4. Topface. Many are very actively used as an application.


the most good dating sites reviews

Dating with foreigners

Is there any chance to get acquainted with a foreigner throughNetwork and find your love? As practice shows, this is really possible, but everything is decided by chance, and, perhaps, by fate. Dating sites with foreigners, reviews about which on the Web are very few, do give an opportunity to find your betrothed from a foreign country.

Attention! Remember that most sites are paid. But, having registered, you will also be able to communicate quite calmly with worthy men from foreign countries. Free dating sites, reviews about which we are considering today, are less reliable in this respect, as their users usually look for a way to entertain, rather than build a strong family.

From Russian-language sites, where you can get acquainted with foreigners, there are the following:

1. RoyalDatingSite.






7. Moderators very responsibly approach to their work, all questionnaires of real people.


9. Popular, but with good reviews about it a little.

best sites for serious dating reviews

These sites are paid and very popular amongRussian-speaking girls. But most importantly, they abound with a huge number of profiles of foreigners who are looking for their soul mate. And since the sites are Russian, then it will not be difficult to get used to the girls. Users claim that the above sites do perform their basic function, someone managed to get married, someone - to communicate and improve the knowledge of a foreign language.

Also, the girls on the forums give good advice: if you are serious, learn the language and purposefully look for your destiny on foreign websites. In this case, the probability of success will increase significantly.

So, foreign dating sites for serious, reviews about which are mostly positive:




How effective are dating sites with foreigners?

good dating sites for serious relationship reviews

Effectiveness primarily depends on the quantityusers and on how much they are tuned to a serious relationship. Good resources are most often provided by questionnaires of quite worthy candidates for the role of husband, since for the sake of entertainment, few people will pay for their stay. The best sites for serious dating (feedback about them are given above) can really help you to arrange your personal life, but before that you will in any case have to talk and with inadequate companions. Alas, no resource from them is not insured.

To claim that you will certainly find your loveon a foreign site, you can not, but of course you should try. On the Internet, there are often enough references to successful marriages with foreigners that began with dating on the Net.

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