Working with Admitad: Feedback

Admitad is a German company withThere is a representative office in Russia, established in 2006. The company works according to CPA-principle. CPA means "payment for the action". Today, Admitad employs a large number of advertisers, and every day new ones are added. The system has registered more than three hundred thousand webmasters who are partners of this system. Such statistics indicate the reliability of Admitad. Reviews about her work are only the most positive.

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In the directory of partners you can findonline shopping, games, insurance and financial companies and so on. For each affiliate there is a separate page where you can read a detailed description of the rules for working with it.

There is still such information

  1. The value of eCPC. Shows the possible average earnings from one transfer.
  2. The eCPM value shows the average earnings, which is possible with thousands of impressions.
  3. CR is a conversion. In other words, this is the ratio of the number of actions to the transitions.

Since the system pays not for impressions or transitions, but for actions, all Internet projects added to the system undergo a severe moderation. Any traffic is accepted, except traffic from the CAP.

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Conditions for accommodation

  1. Advertising sites do not have the right to violate the laws of the country where the traffic is merged.
  2. The Internet project should be on a paid hosting.
  3. When adding, you need to specify the attendance of the Internet project, region and language.

The main advertising tool in the system -autobanner. Its html-code is placed on the partner's website. Its task is to automatically rotate companies on the site in an automatic mode. The system automatically optimizes your companies for traffic. As a result, earnings from a thousand impressions are maximized. All this contributes to the most effective work with Admitad. Feedback from both webmasters and advertisers about this system is only the best.

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The system has a new tool - discounts andcoupons. All programs that work on this principle can work with and without a promo code. The idea here is as follows. After going through a special link, each new customer will receive a special bonus in the form of a gift or free delivery, and so on. As a result, both the webmaster and advertisers receive many additional benefits when working with Admitad. Reviews of people registered in the system, only the most positive. Also, it has a referral program that pays five percent of the earnings of everyone who registered for your referral link.

The system pays out money onelectronic wallets PayPal and "WebMoney." It is also possible to transfer money by bank transfer. The minimum amount for withdrawal is three hundred rubles.

How to register?

Work with the system begins with registration. It is not too complicated and will not cause any difficulties. To do this, go to admitad. com and click on the link with the registration.

Now choose the type of account "Individual" andfill in all the fields on the registration form. Your name and surname must be written in Latin. Further we agree under the conditions and register. If everything is done correctly, a page will open on which it will be written that the registration was successful.

An e-mail will be sent toreference. Click this link to proceed to complete registration. After that, a SMS with the code to be entered on the page will be sent to the phone number.

Admitad: how to work?

After passing the registration, we get to the page where you need to add the site to the system. If you plan to work with your own Internet project, select the appropriate item.

After that, fill in the following fields.

  1. The name of the Internet project.
  2. Language in which all information is written.
  3. Link to the Internet project.
  4. Attendance. You can specify the total number of visitors and views for the entire lifetime of the resource.
  5. Choose a category.
  6. We choose the countries where the necessary programs will be searched.
  7. Write a description. This is the text that the advertiser will see. It is necessary to write as much as possible an informative description, it is desirable to list the advantages of your site.
  8. Comments for the administration of the system. You can write the same as in the description.

Now you need to confirm that it is you -owner of this Internet project. We choose the method convenient for you. There is nothing complicated. After all of the above, the Internet project is moderated. After successful moderation, it gets the status of "active".

admitad com reviews

Advertisers provide a huge amountadvertising materials on Feedback from webmasters from working with the system - only the best. After the passage of moderation, choose the right partner and carefully read the description of work with it.

So, in this article we have considered the principle of working with Admitad. The feedback system has only the most positive, so register and start earning!

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