Training course "Internet money": feedback

Perspective of stable high income on the webattracts today many users who are barely familiar with the basics of online business. Not surprisingly, this is used by unscrupulous swindlers, earning naivete ordinary lay people. The course "Internet Money", reviews of which can be found on the World Wide Web, is another child of the information business, aimed at pumping money. From our article you will learn what the essence of this training course is and how dangerous the information business is for Internet users.

What is the Internet Money training course?

A few years ago, a phenomenon likeearnings on the web, heard quite a few. But for today enterprising webmasters offer us special training courses, the purpose of which is to learn various ways to achieve financial independence.

course internet money

"Internet money" is a training course. He is positioned as the leader among infoproducts, called to open the veil of secrets of earnings in the World Wide Web.

In order to receive course materials, you need:

  1. Fill in a small questionnaire, indicating the gender, age, size of the desired earnings and e-mail.
  2. Receive an e-mail payment instruction.
  3. Following the instructions, pay the full cost of the product (1000 rubles) and get materials on earnings on the Web.

Content of the training course

After paying for the course, the user gets enoughprimitive guide to earnings on the web, containing referral links. All the information contained in it does not contain any specifics and is of a very general nature. The guide only briefly outlines the basics of Internet marketing and general questions regarding virtual currency. The essence of the proposed earnings is the distribution of referral links in social networks in order to attract new users. In other words, for 1000 rubles a newcomer will be offered something that can easily be found in free access, using the help of any search engine.

where on the Internet money

Involuntarily there are thoughts that the course"Internet money", whose reviews are very unflattering, is a waste of money for well-known information. The founders of the project, of course, found their golden vein, but here it is necessary to pay for it to ordinary people who want to escape from the shackles of gray everyday life and begin to translate their dreams into reality.

And who is the author?

If you carefully study the site of the course"Internet money", it becomes clear that there is no information about its author. In the tab "Contact Us" there is a postal address and phone number, but there are no contact details of the real person. But you can meet many photos of those who allegedly could get rich by taking advantage of the "secret" knowledge of the course. The absence of a reference to the real creator of the information product is a very strong proof that the material will not bring the expected result and, most likely, disappoint the buyer.

money through the Internet

On such resources is very competently tunedtargeting. In other words, information about people and cities will vary depending on the region of residence of the site visitor. This is done to ensure that the user believes that it was possible to earn a resident of his city or even a neighbor. Surprisingly, such a simple psychological trick works, and this is actively used by the creators of information products.

Disclaimer or another divorce?

Despite the lack of information about the author of the course,in the conditions of the acquisition of the information product, it is detailed in detail that the site does not bear any responsibility for its content. In other words, if the user does not satisfy the content of the course, then do not blame its creators. The person makes the decision himself, and he himself is responsible for it. Think about it: will a university or a driving school take off responsibility for their students?

course internet money divorce

Hence we can conclude that the training course "Internet Money" is a divorce. And he aimed at the category of naive citizens who are just starting their way in online business.

Training course "Internet money": reviews of real users

Having studied the opinions of those who did buy thiscourse in the network, you can understand that the resource is organized by ordinary scammers in order to earn money on naive users. At numerous forums and review sites you can meet disappointed comments of those who still spent 1000 rubles on this information product.

course internet money divorce

Buyers complain that instead ofpractical guide to earnings on the web, they received a list of well-known postal workers with referral links to the creators of the course and completely useless information that it's time to quit bored work in the office and "go to your dream", earning money through the Internet.

Having bought a beautiful picture and customized reviews,buyers of the course can not return their money, because there is simply no one to claim. After all, the author of the leadership, who, among other things, has absolved himself of any responsibility, is impossible to find.

Customized feedback for the purpose of promoting the course

In addition to real reviews, the web can be foundalmost unrealistic success stories of those who allegedly purchased the course "Internet money" and after reading it managed to get rich fabulously. As a rule, such responses are written by the creators of the information product with the purpose of its popularization in the vastness of the World Wide Web.

A distinctive feature of such reviews is a stunning success in a short time only thanks to the materials of the acquired information product.

course internet money reviews

An example of a customized recall looks like a storyfantastic success, achieved through the training course "Internet money." In such responses, you can find information that the buyer allegedly was able to go on income of $ 3000 and move to live in the Maldives, giving work only 1-2 hours a day.

Convincing, is not it? But the truth is that earnings of $ 3000 are received only by the creators of the training course, whose wallets are replenished by naive Web users.

Training course or infobusiness?

From all of the above,that "Internet money" is nothing more than a carefully planned information business. This phenomenon has become popular in recent years, when the number of people wishing to earn remotely began to grow rapidly.

The essence of the information business is the salemanuals, video lessons or structured courses on various topics. It is impossible to say unequivocally that all information products are created with the purpose of pumping money. Undoubtedly, among them there are worthy materials that can teach some skills.

course internet money work reviews

The basic rule is to learn how to distinguish valuableinfoprodukt from a meaningless scribbling. The latter, for the most part, is full of bright headlines and promises to reach unprecedented heights. And it does not matter what exactly is going on - about losing weight and a healthy lifestyle or about earning money online and gaining financial independence.

At the present info-product there is always an author,which is a real person, able to get on contact and direct communication. In addition, in case of inconsistency of the material with the stated subject, the buyer has the right to demand the return of his money in full. That is why applications for the removal of responsibility from the creator of the information product are proof that the material being sold does not bear any value to the consumer.

What is dangerous infobusiness?

For those who are just beginning their search in the fieldearnings on the web, information products become a very dangerous ploy. Loud promises and stunning success stories can attract anyone and make them pay their own money for completely empty and unnecessary information, which can be found on the Internet in a matter of minutes in free access.

internet money training course

Beginners in online business do not always realize thaton their desire to find the information they want to earn unscrupulous fraudsters. Therefore, before buying any course or manual, you need to carefully study reviews about it on the Internet. In most cases it becomes clear that the information product is not worth the money spent.

Can I earn on the Web?

Those who ask "where is the money on the Internet?", Can be calm, since it is quite possible to earn them. In addition, many people who have found a source of money, really leave work in the office for the sake of freedom and independence. But do not think that making money on the web is easy and simple. Any work takes time, skills and perseverance.

internet money

Among the most real and profitable ways of earning on the web are the following:

  • Create your own website with the purpose of earning money on advertising or selling equipment (online store).
  • Work as a freelancer (fulfilling orders for writing articles, editing photos, creating 3D models, web design, content management, etc.).
  • Investing money in the PAMM-account and working in the foreign exchange market.
  • Earnings on bookshops, social networks, posting and entering captcha.

No secret or unexplored waysearnings on the Internet does not exist. Information on any available source of income can easily be found freely available for free, without giving your money to unscrupulous fraudsters. But the course "Internet Money", reviews of which should be studied more closely by a common man in the street, is a striking example of a divorce on the Internet.

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