Mobile apps: How to delete an account in Periscope

With the Periscope application, people canview any online broadcasts. Many people say that you can not leave this application. But this is not true. Of course, the removal is done in a different way, if compared with other programs. Therefore, before you find out information about how to delete an account in Periscope, you need to tell what it is.

how to delete a periscope account

Periscope application

Periscope allows registeredusers participate in video broadcasts in online mode. You can create your own ethers. It is enough to click on the inscription "the beginning of the broadcast" - and the online broadcast will begin.

Viewers are given the opportunity to observethe life of people from any country, to exchange information with them, to give advice and get acquainted. All this can be done while at home. Contact between the broadcaster and the audience is established through chat. Here everyone can ask a question of interest to him and get a response to it.

Ability to delete

So how do I delete an account in Periscope? It is impossible to do this with one click, as in any other social network. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are extremely rare. Almost always, the removal is done through the technical support.

how to delete an account in a periscope

From the social network "Instagram", for example, you canto delete with one click, whereas in Periscope, deleting an account is much more difficult, since you need to pay attention to your nickname or login. If the registration was made by the mobile phone number, then most likely, it will be specified as the login. If you specify e-mail, the login will be the address. In "Periscope" there is no "delete" button, in any case it is necessary to contact the administration.

Account from "Twitter"

If the account is linked to "Twitter", then you need togo to the personal page of this social network. you will need the email address on which the profile is registered. It is necessary for the subsequent actions. On the personal page of this e-mail you need to find a tab for writing letters.

On the website "Periscope" you can find the addresse-mail technical support. It is to him that we send a letter. In the topic to the letter we specify "deleting the account", and in the body of the text we insert information about the login in "Twitter" and "Periscope".

After the site administration confirmsprofile information, the account will be deleted. It can not be restored, and it's important to know before learning information about how to delete an account in Periscope.

Mobile account

You can block the profile in this case, just like deleting an account in Periscope tied to Twitter. Only in the text of the letter to the administration of the site is written only the login from the Periscope.

It may take longer to delete, because accounts attached to social networks are easier to verify.

If the account is deleted, then create a new account withusing the same mobile number or login is impossible. To check information on how to delete an account in Periscope is easy, but is it worth it to do it thoughtlessly?

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