How to save video from Youtube?

The most famous Youtube service that allowsusers from all over the world share their videos, is the custodian of many very curious materials. Not only video recordings, but also audio files of the highest quality are freely available. That's why today we decided to tell you how to save the video from Youtube.

Despite the existence of several convenientsearch engines, sometimes it's incredibly difficult to find the right video or audio recording, presented in a suitable format. At the same time, Youtube has a dozen variations of a song, an excerpt from a movie, etc. In spite of free access to this information, any actions, other than viewing, are prohibited with it. Therefore, knowing how to save a video from Youtube is very valuable, which will save you from long and tedious searches. Unfortunately, because of the rules of the resource itself, there are no direct links to downloading the hosted content. However, periodically users or authors of video can specify a source, having laid out it on file sharing, but this happens extremely rarely. And to achieve the goal you will have to resort to using third-party software or convenient services located on other sites.

How to save video from youtube

Before you save with Youtube anyinformation, first look through the video, make sure that the final result will be worth the effort and time. Of course, almost any file can be corrected, cropped or changed its content, but the source material, of course, plays a major role. The best "starting points" are full versions of songs / movies / clips.

how to download mp3 from youtube

But let us turn to the main topic of this article, namelyto how to save video from Youtube. The first way is to directly record streaming video from the computer screen. This can be done with the help of programs such as, for example, Fraps. Despite the relative simplicity, music or video files obtained in this way are unlikely to have good sound and image quality characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to it only in case of emergency.

how to save with youtube

Pretty useful are certainprograms designed specifically for solving the problem of downloading materials from Youtube. For example, one of the most famous is called Savefromnet and includes a complete package of tools that allow you to transfer a file located in a shared video store to your computer. If properly configured, the Youtube interface itself will be changed, allowing you to get the music or video you want after two or three clicks on a number of buttons that appear.

If you do not know how to download mp3 from Youtube toBypassing the standard protection against piracy, use online video conversion services. Just find the right site, which allows you to convert the original video format to mp3, and wait until downloading and restructuring. The distinctive ability of such resources is their exceptional simplicity. Even an inexperienced user can quickly and easily get the coveted mp3 file by subjecting it to any pre-processing.

Answers to the question: "How to save video from Youtube?""There may be several, and you will have to choose the one that best suits your particular request. Some solutions differ in their speed, providing a minimal set of possible manipulations on the extracted file. Others are full of advanced systems, which, in the long run, make it possible to get the perfect sample of the desired video / music. Do not forget to view as many video options as possible before making a choice. Other utilities, such as, for example, mp3-cutter, will allow you to "cut" the length of the received file, remove unnecessary noise, etc.

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