Convenience of using EDS for electronic trading and how to obtain it

The XXI century is the era of informatization. It was at this time that the progress of innovative technologies affected virtually all areas of activity, including document circulation in organizations and at various enterprises.

eTSP for electronic trading

What is EDS?

The digital signature is a means,allowing to confirm the authenticity of an electronic document. This tool is a kind of full replacement of the original signature that a person leaves on each requiring that document. Also, thanks to the electronic digital signature, you can completely exclude the possibility of editing and editing a document after signing it.

History of digital signature

For the first time the concept of "EDS" appeared in distant80-ies, but then it was just a word and not realized idea. At the end of the 20th century this device was designed and tested on several systems. After successful experiments EDS quickly found its application in Russia. The national communications security department has developed its own algorithm for data protection through EDS since 1996.

Over the past almost 20 years, this algorithmwas repeatedly improved, and more and more organizations and enterprises began to use the digital-digital signature. The latest changes in the algorithm of EDS work were made in early 2013.

Scope of EDS application

Today, when almost all large companiesswitched to electronic document management, the digital signature does not seem to be something new and incomprehensible. In addition, there is a signature not only for signing internal documents of the organization, but also digital signatures for electronic trading, through which you can participate in various auctions and competitions. Such procurement procedures are carried out on specialized Web sites. In order to sign the document EDS, it is enough that a special program is installed on the computer, and also there was an electronic-digital signature in the form of a USB-card.

sign an electronic document

Most often for most different resourcesit is necessary to have several EDSs. For example, for a public services portal, one signature is required, and EDS for electronic trading is completely different, which is issued only by an identified certifying center.

What does this device look like?

The digital signature is aUSB-keychain, which holds an open and private signature key. This device looks like a flash drive in size and appearance. The main thing is not to confuse the EDS with the USB flash drive, because if the EDS is stolen or lost, then the attacker can sign the necessary document. The cryptography technology used can reliably protect the signed electronic document from subsequent changes.

digital signature is

EDS for electronic trading

Today, most organizations that provideservices in this or that sphere, are registered and undergo an accreditation process in systems that deal with electronic trading. In turn, companies that use these services are also registered in the same way on purchasing sites, after which they announce auctions and various contests for the purchase of goods or services. To carry out all these procedures, you need an EDS for electronic trading and the CryptoPro program.

The process of obtaining EDS

There are companies that deal withproduction and issuance of digital signatures. It is worth remembering that these organizations should have the status of a certifying center, otherwise the EDS issued by such a company can not be considered valid. The manufacture of digital signatures for electronic trading must also be carried out by a specialized organization. However, budget organizations to participate in electronic trading on some sites require the production of EDS exclusively in the service of the Federal Treasury.

ETS key for electronic trading

Get a cryptographic protection devicecan both legal entities (LLC, JSC, etc.), and physical. In this case, an individual does not need to have the status of an individual entrepreneur. Today every person has the right to acquire an electronic digital signature and use it, for example, on the website of state services. With this device and a Web resource, everyone can manage their pension contributions or tax duties.

Documents for obtaining an electronic digital signature

For a legal entity:

  • a copy of the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities certified by a notary and received not later than a month before the request to the certifying center;
  • application for issuance of a certificate containing an EDS key for electronic trading;
  • a certified copy of the order appointing the director of the company and a power of attorney for the right to receive a signature (in the event that the manager does not receive it).

For an individual entrepreneur:

  • a certified copy of the extract from the EGRIP or its original, which must be received no later than one month before the application for receiving the EDS;
  • application for issuing a certificate and EDS;
  • passport.

For an individual:

  • original or certified copy of TIN;
  • application for issuing an EDS and a public key certificate;
  • passport.
    eTSP for electronic trading

It is worth remembering that some certifying centers may ask at their discretion to provide additional documents for the design and manufacture of the device.

In most cases, the timing of manufacturing EDS is very small. Some certifying centers perform all procedures in your presence, after which you can immediately pick up the device.

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