VK settings in the new design

Modern technologies allowed a person to tear downmany barriers due to the Internet. Today, Internet networks are an integral part of our life, which makes it much easier. Order products at home, see loved ones thousands of kilometers away, discover completely new information - all this becomes possible thanks to the Internet provider. And a huge place in this is occupied by social networks that allow you to get acquainted and communicate with other people without leaving your room.

"VKontakte" as a popular social network

"VKontakte" is one of the most famous social networks.

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In Belorussia, the popularity of this network providedthe first place among users, in Russia - the second, in Ukraine - the third, in Kazakhstan - the fifth and twenty-eighth in the whole world. Its daily audience numbers more than 40 million people. Constantly improving, changing VK settings, appearance, functions, this network is not inferior to others and creates new opportunities for its users.

Updating of VC design

August 1, 2016, the social network team "VKontakte"finished the main work on the new design, which lasted more than a year and a half, and included it to a limited number of users in the test mode. Those 10% who agreed to test this update were pleasantly surprised, after which the new design was displayed on all accounts voluntarily and compulsorily. Much has changed: VK settings, font, functions, common interface, etc.

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Also, many bugs were fixed, and "VKontakte"began to work faster. About 2500 changes in the old design led the team VC to a completely different, different from what was the last 10 years, mind. Many were pleased with the positive changes, but some did not accept the new design, and complaints were directed towards the VKontakte team. But still such an update was a step forward, and no one will return to the outlived one.

Where are the settings in the VC of the new design?

Settings in the new VK are not displayed on the left asit was in previous versions. The one who drew attention to this, probably tormented in their search. In the new design, the VC settings can be opened as follows: on the top blue panel in the right corner is displayed the user name and a reduced account photo, and next to it is a small bright arrow. Clicking on it, after the section "My page" and "Edit" you can find the necessary settings. Special changes in them did not happen. In the "General" menu of the "Page Setup" column, the item "Special opportunities" has been added for people who need to voice the speech synthesizer of some elements of the account management. VC settings still give access to page security, privacy, alerts, black list, application settings, mobile services and payments.

settings in the new VC

Opportunities to switch to the old design "VKontakte"no, so in the settings this function is also not provided. The VC team promises to modify all the errors of the update, if such are found. The new design gave "VKontakte" a new life and significantly increased the level of its work.

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