Z95 (online clothing store): customer reviews

Online shopping is now availableabsolutely everyone. It is not necessary to have special knowledge and have a bank account for making purchases. It is enough to go to the site, issue an application and pay in any convenient way. But how to choose a really reliable online store, the range and quality of products which will not disappoint the buyer? In this article you will learn everything about the Russian online store Z95.

What is Z95?

Internet-shop of clothes, about whichpopular among online shoppers, positions itself as a multi-brand boutique, as evidenced by the information on the official website. At the same time it is stated that all clothes sold in the store are exclusively original and have nothing to do with Chinese counterfeits.

Fast delivery and a wide range arethe hallmark of Z95. Internet-shop of clothes, shoes and accessories, reviews about which are very popular among online buyers, offers its customers regular discounts. A sale provides the opportunity to make purchases at a favorable ruble exchange rate. Undoubtedly, in the current economic situation in the country such a marketing move attracts many new customers of the Z95. An online clothing store, reviews and comments about which are popular on joint shopping sites, is a vivid example of a wide range and conscientious work of managers.

z95 online clothing store reviews

Assortment of online store

Z95 offers its customers men's, women's andchildren's clothing of famous brands. In addition, in the online store you can buy accessories, shoes and even personal gadgets. Judging by the information on the website, the assortment of the store offers the latest collections of elite clothes and gadgets at the lowest prices. But even so, the store can not be called a budget one, so not every user of the network can afford to buy it.

You can find the right brand on the site with the help ofconvenient navigation under the link "Brands", where opposite to each brand will be indicated the number of available models. The advanced search function allows you to find in a few minutes the desired style, color or size of a thing.

store z95 reviews

In addition, the online store Z95 offerscooperation with wholesalers. The minimum amount of wholesale purchases is 50 thousand rubles and is accompanied by all necessary legal documents. But in this case, the site warns about the impossibility of returning the goods in the presence of marriage or any inconsistency.

How to place an order

To place an order, you need to register forsite with reliable contact information and exact delivery address. Liked goods are added to the basket with a preliminary selection of the desired color, size or other characteristics.

After the goods are moved to the basket,you need to click the "Proceed to order" link. In the form of registration of the purchase you need to write additional information of the recipient, specify the contact phone number, convenient time and method of delivery.

Within 12-24 hours the store managercommunicates with the buyer at the specified phone number to clarify the details of the order and confirm the dispatch. The order is prepared for transportation only after preliminary agreement.

z95 reviews originality of things

Payment and delivery

You can pay for the order in the online store Z95 in two ways:

  1. Payment by cash to the courier. In this case, it is possible to order "Delivery with fitting". In other words, if a thing does not match the color or size, you can not buy it. But in this case, you have to pay the courier 300 rubles for the departure. This service is provided only for residents of Moscow and the region.
  2. Payment by cash on delivery upon receipt of goodson the "Post of Russia". In this case, try on the product will not work, so you'll have to rely on a dimensional grid on the site and believe in the quality of the product as described by the seller.

Accordingly, you can receive your goods eitherthrough the courier, or wait for the parcel at the post office. Unfortunately, the online store Z95, reviews about which are very popular online, does not work with transport companies and does not provide other ways of sending the goods. The site also lacks the ability to pay e-currency (WebMoney, Qiwi, PayPal), which is very inconvenient for most Internet shoppers.

z95 online clothing store

Z95: reviews

Originality of things in the online store leadsdoubt on most people who made purchases in the Z95. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on the network. Users note that the product from the online store is very far from the original and is likely to be a regular Chinese counterpart. Experienced shoppers who order things in Chinese stores also do not see much difference. Of course, to confirm this fact is 100% impossible and it is impossible to blame groundlessly for this Z95. The online clothing store, reviews of which are required to study before making a purchase, still remains a popular shopping site.

Regarding payment and delivery terms of negativethere are no comments on the network. The online store faithfully performs its work and delivers all parcels on time. In addition, the reviews prove the operative and competent work of store managers who always meet their customers.

Regular discounts and promotions, which are held inonline store, allow you to make profitable purchases. This is especially true in the season of sales, when shop owners try to sell off the remains of collections as quickly as possible, filling their assortment with new fashionable and topical things for the Z95. An online clothing store, which is very controversial about reviews, is certainly worthy of any shopaholic's attention.

To buy or not?

Before a remote purchase is worth carefullyto study reviews about this or that online store on the net. It is possible that the seller simply winds its percentage on those categories of goods that you can buy for a much smaller amount, for example, in China. And this opportunity is provided by the Aliexpress trading platform, which has gained immense popularity among residents of the CIS countries. "Aliexpress" offers its customers to purchase copies of famous brands for ridiculous money, while making free delivery to the address of the recipient. Therefore, if the purpose of buying is to acquire just a beautiful thing, why pay more?

z95 online store clothing shoes and accessories reviews

However, if you are completely confident inconscientiousness of the seller, the quality of his goods and intend to become the owner of a fashionable branded blouse at all costs, then safely arrange an order in Z95. After all, today it is not easy to find truly original things at affordable prices.

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