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About dating on the Internet, and how muchsuch a method to find a soul mate is effective, many articles are written. Each of us probably has an acquaintance who at least tried to find someone on social networks, such as Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki. However, you will agree, on such resources, not everyone is ready to answer in the affirmative at the request of a stranger to tell about himself, to communicate, to exchange photos and, even more so, to meet. Therefore, to simplify the dating and search for partners (both love and sexual), specialized resources were created, such as the Beboo site.

Social Network for Dating

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It can not be said that the idea of ​​creating such a platform,like Beboo, came up recently. No, such networks have long existed, their development began in the West. From the usual "VC" and "FB" they are different in that everyone who has there his page, knows why he goes there - to get acquainted. So, if you see a photo of a beautiful girl, write on Beboo and offer to get to know each other closer will be much easier than in "VC". And the chances that she will be interested in communicating with you are higher here.

Among other things, the Beboo dating site and similarhe is supposed to have special fields that reveal the preferences of people much more than in conventional networks. For example, here you can specify what you are targeting, specify about the kind of sex that you prefer, tell about your ideal partner and much more. In the "VC" publish such data would be considered indecent.

The concept of a "paid social network"

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However, in services such as dating siteBeboo, have one obvious drawback - a paid character. If you want to register there - you can do it for free. But further communication with those who like you is possible only after acquiring a special status. To do this, you must make real money using SMS or electronic currencies. Western social networks work precisely in this way.

As for domestic projects, such asBeboo-dating, then they practice a more profitable scheme. So, the user can buy the status once, after which he will be given some time to talk, say, with a girl who he liked (more precisely - write a message). However, already to read the answer, the status will need to be bought again. And, as testimonies on the Beboo site say, it looks like a scam: no matter how much a person transfers money, he will create artificial barriers to communication in this social network.

Beboo - cheating for gullible

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The Beboo network is a fairly popular resource,which registers a lot of people. On the site itself, there is a figure of about 20 million users (which "rolls back" when updating the page). Doubts are that this figure is taken "from the ceiling", no. Obviously, the developers created the visibility of the popularity of their site.

Go ahead. After registration, the function of people search is available. As the reviews say, Beboo in the search bar always displays photos of attractive girls and guys allegedly located in the city of the applicant. People from different cities, coming to the site, see the same photos. This indicates a simple technical "support" of attractive pictures for stimulating a person to pay. It turns out that in fact, the users you want to communicate with may not even exist.

How not to fall into the trap of scammers?

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According to reviews, Beboo only works forTo collect from naive visitors a fee for a special status. In fact, no communication, and therefore, dating can not be here, this site - a complete deception.

Do not fall into a cunningly placed trap canonly one who knows what the site creators want - payment. Therefore, just do not send any SMS - ignore this resource and leave it. The same is recommended by the reviews. Beboo is not a real social network, it's just a tool for pumping money.

Where to get acquainted for free?

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Instead of buying expensive statuses,It is worth trying to find your soul mate somewhere closer. For example, it may be a person you already know, or someone with whom you have little contact, but visually you know. In fact, getting acquainted is not so difficult. And leave scammers with their site - this business on human naivety will lead to nothing good. For example, there are already many people who are dissatisfied, who have paid money and have not received anything in return. All of them write comments and reviews, calling Beboo a scam. If these messages are seen by other users, they will avoid such a fate. Over time, the site will buy less and less accounts. And in years, perhaps, such a sphere of earnings as SMS-business on paid portals for acquaintances, will cease to bear fruit. Scammers just do not want to do it.

Be careful in the future!

In fact, there is much to learnInteresting if you read reviews. Beboo, if you believe people who have long been trying to find their destiny with the help of paid social networks to find partners, is not the only scam. On the Internet, there are hundreds, if not thousands of such paid sites. All of them are similar to each other - they are made in one style, they contain a lot of images of attractive people who seem to be calling and asking for acquaintance. The purpose of these sites is to lure money away. To lull vigilance, the developers of such resources write about millions of users, about thousands of positive feedback, about their incredible popularity and good history in the market of Russian deyting services. In fact, this is a fraud, gaining momentum because of trusting users.

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