Viber: Account activation issues. What should I do if the Viber activation code does not come?

Viber ("Weber") - a unique application forsmartphones on Android, iOS, BlackberryOS, Symbian, as well as for computers running Windows and Linux, which provides communication with other users of the application around the world, using the Internet (Wi-Fi or 3G). When you register the application, you create an account linked to your mobile phone number. To confirm the use of the specified number, the system sends an SMS message containing the Viber activation code. Some operating systems can intercept the code and activate themselves. Sometimes a call comes from the system, which is recognized as an activation confirmation. But it also happens that when Viber is activated, the code does not come.

viber activation code

Checking the Internet

Since the Viber program works with a networkInternet, then messages with the activation code come to the phone via Internet traffic. If the Viber activation code does not come up, you need to check whether the data transfer is enabled on your smartphone and whether the Wi-Fi module is turned on. If data transmission is enabled, you need to understand whether the network settings are correct, check the access points, the correctness of the entered data. When connecting via Wi-Fi, you need to make sure that the network has access to the Internet. It often happens that the smartphone sees several networks, and when you connect to them, the Internet does not work - the router does not have access to the global network. Start your browser (Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari ...) and try to go to any page. If such a transition is not carried out, then there is no Internet connection.

viber does not come with code

Check the entered phone number

As a "login" for logging in and activating inViber uses the mobile phone number. Naturally, this should be your number, which you regularly use at the moment, since this code will be sent to this number. When the Viber activation code does not come, it means that you may have entered the mobile phone number incorrectly in the appropriate field when registering the account or incorrectly indicated the country in which the number is registered. Carefully check the correctness of the entered data. The specified number must not begin with "+" and the country code, which is automatically set after selecting a country in the special tab. Do not use spaces when entering numbers. If all operations are carried out, as required by the instruction, then wait for the message with the code. In case the message still does not come, go to the next item.

does not come with a viber activation code

Check roaming settings

In the phone settings there is a special function,which is designed to help save money on the subscriber's account. This feature enables or disables the ability to receive messages if the subscriber is roaming. Since a huge fee is charged for incoming messages when roaming, this function is in the active mode by default. You are abroad and wish to use this program, but does not come with a Viber activation code? There is a high probability that the above function does not start a message on your smartphone.

Find in network settings or settingsmessages item on blocking incoming while in roaming and disable it. After that, ask for the code again. Again no reaction? We will try to get the desired code in a different way.

Voice Activation

So, after checking all three of the above positions, youall can not activate the program due to lack of code? We will try to register an account on the system with the help of voice activation. The Viber activation code does not come - well, do not! Feel free to go into the settings of the program and look for the point of "voice activation" (voice activation). After that, correctly enter your phone number and wait for a while. We need to call back the robot and name the four digits of the registration code. Next, we enter these four numbers in the required field - that's all. "Weber" is registered. It should be clarified that some operating systems recognize the call of the robot and independently, without the participation of the subscriber, activate the account and the program.

does not come with a viber activation code

Error while entering the code

It happens: Viber activation is activated, SMS does not come with the code, it is not possible to register the account. And it also happens in another way: SMS has arrived, the code is there, and when you enter numbers, the program reports an error. What to do in this case? Well, firstly, traditionally, you need to carefully check the correctness of the introduction of figures. Make sure that the digits from the SMS are entered in the Viber field. "Using voice activation, you need to listen carefully to what the robot dictates, most often errors occur when the code is entered during the activation of the program, and when more than three requests are made day system can temporarily block the subscriber.This is such protection against spam and attacks.Tried all the above options, but nothing helped in solving the problem? Reinstall the program is the last resort.Delete and reinstall the application. m smartphone.Wait for the code.No changes? There is a high probability that the situation arises from a number of non-standard, and requires the intervention of a specialist.

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