Deleting VKontakte page forever

VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia.CIS and abroad. With its help you can find friends, communicate with them instant messages, exchange information, promote your business, creating groups and events. The number of registered VKontakte users is growing every day. For some, this service is a pleasant pastime, but there are also those who help the social network to earn money.

deleting a vkontakte page
However, despite all the positive aspects,deletion of the Vkontakte page is a popular option and is performed by users not infrequently. What is this need? Why create a page and then delete it? Just recently, deleting the VKontakte page was impossible. Now the function is available and it is located in the "My Settings" menu in the "General" tab. At the very end of the list of various options for setting page parameters is an entry written in small font "You can delete your page".
delete page
Clicking on "Delete your page", you needwill indicate the reason for your actions. To help the administration offered options from which you can choose the appropriate reason for your case. You can inform your friends about this in a message that will be on your remote page along with the name and surname. The social network assumes that one day you will want to renew your account. To this end, VKontakte delete the page so that it does not fail at all! The profile with the service picture, name and surname, marked "page deleted", without any other contact information will remain in the list of users, your friends will also remain.

So is it necessary to delete the VKontakte page? After all, if you want to get rid of obsessive friends, messages, applications, then for this it is not necessary to perform the function "delete". VKontakte user-friendly settings menu, which allows you to create a profile based on your needs. The "Privacy" tab will make the page private for users of the site and even for friends. You can create separate lists, which will be available records on the wall, applications, photos and so on. From unwanted visitors there is an option "Black list", where they enter the data of those who are restricted access to the page.

remove vkontakte
In order not to delete the profile, you can clean the wall,delete friends that you do not wish to communicate with, photos, video and audio files. You can change the contact information, the address of the mailbox to which the social network page is linked, the password. If you want no one to disturb VKontakte for a while, then in the "Privacy" section put "Nobody" or "Only me" on all requests. The page will be visible to users of the social network, however, no one will be able to write messages, comment on entries, photos, invite to groups, see your wall.

Deleting a VK page is only useful inIf you do not use the social network for your needs. Then on the delete page, specify the appropriate reason, write a message to your friends and click "Delete Page".

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