Biography of Marina Khlebnikova. Albums of Marina Khlebnikova

Marina Khlebnikova is a wonderful Russian singerand TV presenter. The woman has the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Its songs are so popular that they are sung by everyone and everyone, and the hit "My Sunny, Get Up" once held the first lines of the charts.

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Life and creative way of Marina

Marina Arnoldovna Khlebnikova was born on 6.11.1965. Therefore, the question of how many years Marina Khlebnikova, we can say with certainty that she is 48. There was a significant event in the Moscow region in the city of Dolgoprudny. Here she graduated from the regular and musical schools. The love for music was so strong that the young schoolgirl organized the band "Marinade", where she sang songs by A. Barykin, J. Antonov, Queen, Abba and Beatles.

In addition to music, Marina was fond of physics andacting skills. After graduating from school, Khlebnikova decided to become a professional musician. Therefore, the training at the Gnessin School was not even discussed. Education future star received under the leadership of such masters of the Russian stage, as Lev Leshchenko and Alexander Gradsky. Her desire to become a high-profile singer was so strong that, after graduating from college, she entered the Gnesin Institute. In general, the entire biography of Marina Khlebnikova is studying, concerts, television, and sometimes her own personal, not belonging to the scene, life.

Diplomas (and there were two, because a womanAt the same time she studied at a pair of faculties. Iosif Kobzon gave the graduate. The creative scenic path of the artist began at the institute in the late eighties of the twentieth century. Then she sang in different groups under the aegis of Barry Alibasov. And since 1991, she began her solo career, which was preceded by victories in various competitions.

Something interesting about Marina

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Marina is an ordinary person, and nothing human to heris alien. Music critics say that the biography of Marina Khlebnikova does not differ from the existence of many other famous and unknown personalities. Maybe this is so. However, there are some unusual, mysterious sides, dreams, preferences and desires in it. For example, the singer would like to be a witness of the era of Louis XIV: to live at this time, to feel all the delights of palace intrigues and be drawn into the love adventures of beautiful ladies and brave gentlemen. Favorite authors of the singer are Anna and Serge Golon, Dumas, Marina Tsvetaeva and Remarque. At one time Khlebnikov even translated the works of Byron and Kipling. In the repertoire of a woman there is a composition she performed more than a thousand times. This is the most famous song "Cup of Coffee". That's the kind she is - fun, interesting and beautiful - Marina Khlebnikova.

Music of Marina Khlebnikova

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An artist is a person whose life is neededseparate separately into being and separately into creativity. With the first we figured out, now let's talk about music, about the work of this talented woman. After all, the albums of Marina Khlebnikova deserve special attention. During her performances, the singer released nine albums. Among them there are such famous records as "Cup of coffee", "Paradise in a hut", "Night flight", "Photo album" and "Stay". They are all different, with unequal compositions that give a smile, a feeling of compassion, a dream and love.

Listening to the music of Khlebnikova is a pleasure: it fills with feelings, makes you forget about the past, dream about the future and rethink the present. Let it be the usual "pop", performed by hundreds of singers and singers, but there is something special about it, perfect, inexpressibly romantic.

Husbands, divorce, daughter

Marina Khlebnikova very carefully hides herpersonal life. It is very difficult to find out anything from this area of ​​its "activity". Marina Khlebnikova, whose biography leaves much behind closed doors, still admits that she had two husbands. The first is Anton Loginov, the second is Mikhail Maidanich, with whom she is happy to this day.

From a marriage with Michael, a woman gave birth to a daughter Dominicain 1999. For a very long time, the couple hid the information that they have a child. For her fans, Marina has always been a free, sultry beauty, not allowing any man to take possession of her heart. However, there is nothing secret. And the press leaked information that Khlebnikov was not only "twice his wife", but also an excellent mother.

Today we already know where Dominica studies, howshe looks, but it remains a mystery why such a woman, like Marina, can not openly talk about her personal life? Successful, beautiful, self-sufficient, she can not only tell everyone the truth, but also afford to slightly embellish reality. As Khlebnikova herself says, she does not need it. She does not want her beloved person and daughter to become the property of the people. For him, she has creativity, and everything else belongs only to Marina.

Beauty Secrets of Marina

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The fact that Khlebnikov is a beautiful woman is obvious. Concerts, shootings, tours, performances on television leave not the most pleasant impression on the appearance of the artist. However, Marina always looks perfect and perfect. And not a single biography of Marina Khlebnikova (meaning numerous sources) does not contain information that the actress resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

In order to be always in shape, a womanhave their little tricks and secrets. So, after a hard day, the singer always takes a bath with nutritious and relaxing oils. To the eyes a little rested from searchlights and spotlights, Marina puts on them tea bags. After the bath, Khlebnikov personally makes a massage, puts on his face a mask, drinks a glass of fresh juice and goes to bed. So it is possible to preserve natural beauty and natural charm.

Life goes on

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Today Marina Khlebnikova is no longer so popular,as in the nineties of the last century. The number of her concerts has decreased, and clips are coming out less and less. People's biography of Marina Khlebnikova does not cause such interest, as well as fifteen years ago. However, even such a moderate demand does not leave the actress without work. Sometimes she appears on television, sometimes participates in concerts, sometimes she writes songs. And the rest of the time he plays the most important role in his life: a loving wife and a tender mother.

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