What color does it harmonize with in the fine arts?

Painting is an art,force is not for every person. It is important here not only to be able to draw beautifully, but also to know what color with which it harmonizes. Successfully selected shades will make the work more attractive. This publication will help you to understand this topic in more detail.

What color does it harmonize with? Black and white tones

what color does it harmonize with

White is a unique color symbolizing purity.and making the image lighter. Its peculiarity is that it is combined with any shades. Black has the same properties, meaning the absence of light.

If you correctly combine colors with contrasting tones, then the drawing will be more saturated, brighter. All artists know about this feature and apply it in their works.

What color does it harmonize with? Iridescent shades

Red color is a symbol of joy, love, fullnesslife, but at the same time, hostility. He is able to make the image as colorful, festive, and aggressive. In the visual arts, the best combination is red with white and golden. Its use will be successful with yellow, blue, pink, purple, silver, sand. The most contrast application is red with black, but this combination should not be misused.

Orange is the personification of a hot summer andoptimism. According to the masters, this shade will look spectacular in combination with blue, blue-green or ultramarine. He also will not cause disharmony with bright yellow, mustard, purple and beige. The muted orange comes to a chestnut, pale yellow, chocolate, gray-green, dark blue, dark gray.

with what color the green is in harmony

The yellow shade is a symbol of the sun, freedom and joy. It looks perfect with orange, blue, blue-green, chocolate, turquoise, purple, marsh flowers.

Let's now know about what colorharmonizes the green symbol of spring. It can be either cold or warm, depending on the presence of yellow or blue in it. In the first case, it will perfectly blend with orange, light green, purple, pink and, of course, with yellow. In the second - it is better to use it with blue and blue-green.

Blue is the symbol of the sunny sky. It looks great with lilac, light purple, coral, bright blue hues. Still to it pink, yellow, beige and gray will approach.

with what color does blue

Now find out what color the blue is harmonizing withA sign of the depth of the sky. The saturated color will look great in the figure next to the bright pink, silvery, red, yellow, peach, orange, purple hues. Light blue blends in with yellow, orange and white. Dark tones come to blue, lilac, vanilla, green, red, gray.

We have the last color of the rainbow - purple. Many needlewomen believe that its combination with red causes disharmony. But not in the fine arts! Artists know this very well and make amazing combinations of these shades. Another violet looks great with yellow-green, blue and yellow.

Now, knowing what color it harmonizes with, it's much easier to create an original and positive drawing!

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