What kinds of music are there?

kinds of music
According to Ch. Darwin music appeared as a result of a person's physical activity, and in its basis lay one or another rhythm. J.-J. Rousseau also suggested that music appeared as a way of expressing emotions - first the voice was fixed at a certain height, then intervals appeared, and then there were instruments. Kinds of music are now accepted to be divided according to these important concepts: from rhythm, used instruments, etc. Also, quite often under this term are meant different styles.

Types of music are directly related to thethe listener has an impression, so when determining the style, the whole work is considered, and not its individual part. In this case, the musical material is judged from the point of view of melody, rhythm, harmony and polyphony.

The concept of "types of music" includes andinstrumental part. In other words, the use of certain instruments on which music is recorded or reproduced is directly evaluated, which can greatly affect the perception of works.

music as an art form

There are kinds of music depending on the erawriting, as well as the manner of the composer. Due to this classification it is impossible to confuse, for example, the style of Bach with someone else's - every epoch and composer have their own unique features and ways of writing, which makes it possible to introduce such a division into species.

Of all kinds of art, music acts ona person in a special way, causing him a variety of emotions, affecting feelings at the subconscious level. The musical sound that occurs when air vibrates is as natural as the sounds of nature. Due to this similarity, music is pleasant from the emotional point of view, well perceived by human physiology. Music as an art form is a certain skill associated with beauty, creation, with the concept of value. Depending on the style of music has a different content, for example, in opera and ballet, there are often analogies with real people, literary plots or historical events. Experiences when listening to music do not look like everyday feelings, it is believed that the nature of music is associated with absolute spirit.

basic types of music

New technologies in the early XX century gave a pushthe development of music and the emergence of new styles, which are now tens of times greater than in the Middle Ages. The emergence of new forms and styles was influenced by geographical discoveries, familiarity with different peoples and cultures, and the exchange of information. At this time, a new music classification is emerging: the main types of music include not only classical music, but also popular, folk, eastern, etc.

Classical music and up to the present timeis considered the most difficult and serious, which made a special contribution to the development of art. Popular music and variety are only entertaining and easy to understand. Non-European and ethnic music is very interesting, since it emphasizes not only the identity of different peoples, but also the sound of unique instruments used for its reproduction. Jazz remains one of the most complicated styles of music and requires the performer to have a high level of mastery of the instrument and complex improvisations. Rock, alternative, avant-garde - quite new musical styles, popular among the younger generation.

There are other classifications of music: by the nature of the performance, by composer technique, by function, etc.

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