Ekaterina Ryzhikova: biography of the finalist of the 14th season "Battles of Psychics"

Ekaterina Ryzhikova is an attractive woman andinteresting person. For the whole country, she became famous for her participation in the paranormal show "Psychics are investigating". Do you want to know the details of her biography and personal life? Then we recommend that you read the article from the first to the last paragraph.

Ekaterina Ryzhikova


Ekaterina Ryzhikova was born on February 10, 1961in the city of Pechory, located on the territory of the Republic of Komi. The father and mother of our heroine are ordinary people not related to magic or extrasensory perception.

From an early age, she showed interest in art, history and psychology. She liked to wear bright outfits. The girl herself made ornaments from multi-colored threads, beads and stones.

After graduating from high school, Ryzhikova went to Moscow, where she entered the Moscow State University. Her choice fell on the Faculty of History.


For more than 10 years, Katya has participated in various ethnic expeditions and festivals. Modern urban shamans gather together to conduct rituals aimed at improving people's lives.

Paranormal abilities of Ekaterina Ryzhikova appeared after she survived a clinical death. The woman began to hear voices from the other world and see phantoms.

Ekaterina Ryzhikova psychic

"The fight of extrasensories"

Our heroine was known in narrow circles. She was known as a shaman, an artist, a director, an avant-garde modeler and an actress. Catherine needed a push for further development of abilities. For this, she went to the casting of "Battle of psychics". In the summer of 2013, Ryzhikova arrived at the address indicated. Wishing to get on the project was a lot. But it was Katya who was among the participants of the 14th "Battle".

For several issues Ekaterina Ryzhikova had timeto prove the presence of supernatural abilities. With a test, the shaman took various things: toys, tambourine, herbs, jars and bells. She claims that all this allows her to establish contacts with spirits and essences. Catherine managed to impress (in a good sense of the word) the jury, skeptics and viewers. Even presenter Marat Basharov was sure that the eccentric woman in bright outfits can see the present, the past and the future.

Ekaterina Ryzhikova is a psychic who has reachedfinals of the 14th season of "Battle". The company was made by Danis Glinshtein, Sheps Alexander and Marilyn Kerro. As a result of the audience vote, Katya took the 3rd place.

Catherine the Redhead отзывы

Personal life

Many admirers of Katya Ryzhikova are interested in her marital status. We hasten to inform them that the heart of a shaman is free. She is still a young and attractive woman.

Many years ago Ekaterina Ryzhikova marriedAlexander Lugin. He was an artist and the founder of the art group "North". In this marriage, the son Fyodor was born (he is now 22 years old). At first, family life brought happiness to Katya. But over time, my husband sat down on alcohol. It was the "green snake" that ruined the man. In 2010, Alexander died of drunkenness.

Job Reviews

Participation in the "Battle of Psychics" brought Kate Ryzhikova all-Russian fame. At the reception to her people are recorded who came from different regions. City shaman tries to help each of them.

Should I go to Ekaterina Ryzhikova's services? Comments from people who visited her at the reception are mostly positive. The Shaman listens attentively to each person and helps to find a way out of this or that situation.

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