Former participant of the reality show "Dom-2" Vika Bernikova: her biography and personal life

Vika Bernikova is a charming brunette witha sports figure. She became famous for participating in the popular TV project "Dom-2". Do you want to know where Victoria was born and studied? Did she turn to plastic surgeons? How does her personal life develop? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the article.

Vika Bernikov


Vika Bernikova was born on September 20, 1991. Its small homeland is the city of Krasny Luch, located in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. Vicki's parents are intelligent people.

Our heroine grew obedient and inquisitivechild. She liked to look at the old things stored in the grandmother's trunk. Vika attended an ordinary high school. She studied for four and five. Unsatisfactory grades fell into her diary extremely rarely.


At the end of high school Vika Bernikova decidednot to leave his native city. The girl submitted documents to a local college. For 2 years she mastered the specialty of "accountant". Then the brunette went to Anapa, where she worked as art director in a modeling agency.

In 2010, Victoria moved to Moscow. In the Russian capital, Bernikov entered the university for a faculty of psychology. The girl managed to get a manager in a large company. For full happiness she lacked only a young man beside him.

Vika Bernikova house 2

Vika Bernikova: "House-2"

In February 2011, the famous teleprojectcame a blue-eyed brunette with a chiseled figure and a fashionable hairdo. As you guessed, it was Victoria Bernikova. She expressed her sympathy for Tigran Salibekov. The guy could not answer her reciprocity, because he had already met with Julia Kolesnichenko.

The objects of sympathy of the girl also becamethe following project participants: merry fellow Eugene Kuzin, businessman Sergei Ermakov and brutal Alexei Samsonov. None of the guys answered her in kind. At some point, Victoria forgot about the main purpose of being on the "House-2" - building relationships. The brunette wasting her time fighting and fighting with other girls. Thanks to such situations, the guys could see in Vick negative qualities - rudeness, hubality and inflexibility.

In May 2011, a women's voting took place. The main candidate for the elimination was Victoria Bernikova. The majority of the staff voted against it. The hosts did not provide immunity to the scandalous participant. Vika said goodbye to the boys and left the gate.


In September 2014, fans of "House-2" againThey saw Bernikov on the screens of their TV sets. The girl has changed a lot - she has grown hair and improved the figure with the help of fitness. The boys reacted ambiguously to her arrival - some were genuinely happy, others smiled maliciously.

On the frontal place Vika Bernikova announced that she liked Ilya Grigorenko. The guy could only offer a brunette friendly communication.

Victoria flirted with many participants"Houses-2". Under her spell was even Andrew Cherkasov. At that time he had the status of a bachelor. Andrei liked Vika. Perhaps they could have a love relationship. But Bernikova said that Andrew is not in her taste.

Soon a nice guy came to the projectathletic build Oleg Panov. He beautifully looked after Vika. However, their relationship did not last long. In one of the days the couple quarreled greatly. It came to a fight. In a fit of anger, Oleg broke Victoria's nose. The girl was sent to the hospital, and her young man was disqualified from the project.

New life

In April 2015, Bernikova announced hercare from the TV project. She met the guy behind the perimeter. His name is Leonid Plaschinsky. He lives in Rostov-on-Don and is engaged in real estate activities. It was for him that Victoria decided to change her appearance. After all, Leonid loves "tuned" ladies.

Vic Bernikova plastic

Vika Bernikova: plastic

Our heroine was lucky - she has an attractive appearance from nature. But, like any girl, Vika wanted to get closer to the ideal.

Bernikova has long dreamed of changing the shape of the nose. And after a fight with Oleg Panov, the operation was vital. Our heroine successfully underwent rhinoplasty. For several weeks she was forced to walk in a special band for the nose. For some spectators, her look caused a smile. But when Vika removed the bandage, everyone saw the girl's new nose - neat and without a hump.

Before referring to surgeons, Bernikov wasthe owner of the 4th breast size. It was not enough for her. The brunette increased her bust to the 6th size. Victoria was satisfied with the result of the efforts of plastic surgeons.

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