Gideon de Viller - the hero of the series of novels "Timeless" and the performer of this role in the cinema Jānis Nivener

In 2013, the movie "Timeless.Ruby book". Despite the numerous criticisms for the excessive use of clichés in his story, he was rather warmly received by the teenage audience, especially the girl's half of it. Not the last merit in this Janis Nivener, who played in the film the role of the charming and mysterious Gideon de Villeer. Let's learn more about this character and his performer. And also consider what the film differs from the book.

Kerstin Gir's Timeless Series

This cycle consists of 3 parts:"Scarlet Ruby", "Blue Sapphire", "Green Smaragd". Because of this series is called "Trilogy of precious stones." It is worth noting that the general name of the cycle "Timless" is purely a fiction of Russian publishers, since neither the original German title (Edelstein Trilogie) nor the English translation (The Ruby Red Trilogy) does not mention this word.

plays the gideon de villera

What is the story in these novels? About love, teenage experiences and ... time travel. In the center of the plot is a teenage girl Gwendolyn Shepherd.

When she turns 16, she learns thatinherited the gene of travel in time. In order to learn to control this ability, she has to become a member of the Secret Guardian Lodge, who has been dealing with such people since ancient times. Despite their noble motives, Gwen suspects that something is wrong.

Because of the confusion with the date of birth of the girl, manyyears it was believed that it was her cousin Charlotte who possessed the magic gene. Therefore, it was her (together with another traveler in time - Gideon de Villeer) from childhood preparing for such a life. The Lodge taught Gideon and Charlotte stories, languages, manners and other important skills that were supposed to help them feel free in any era. However, when it turned out that it was Gwen - the owner of superpowers, the girl was not ready.

Her partner, as a senior and more experienced, shouldwas to look after her and persuade everyone to obey the instructions of the Guardians. However, unexpectedly young people fell in love with each other, and this feeling confused all the cards of the Lodge.

Gideon de Viller: biography before meeting Gwendolyn Shepherd

Judging by the events of the book, a hero was born in 1992.He knew from the very childhood that he would become a time traveler. In addition to the many privileges, the young man had a whole series of duties. Because of the peculiarities of his gift, the Lodge did not allow the guy to travel freely. In addition, he rarely saw his mother and younger brother Raphael.

After school, Gideon de Viller enrolled in a medical college. Despite the constant employment, the school liked the boy and was given to him easily.

By character, this character is a typical heroteen romance novels. He is handsome, charming, brave and noble. At the same time Gideon was blindly betrayed to the Keepers and used to carry out their instructions without asking any unnecessary questions.

As for their relationship with Charlotte, de Villers treats her as a friend, but no more. Despite this, the girl was in love with him and sincerely considered him his boyfriend.

Relations with Gwendolyn

At the first acquaintance Gwen Gideon not particularlyliked. She irritated him not only with his lack of education, but also with willfulness. However, gradually the young man began to look at his new partner with different eyes and fell in love with her.

Gideon de Villers

The more confidential the relations becameyoung people, the more Gideon began to doubt the Guardians. Closer to the finale of the trilogy, he begins to act independently and the main priority is Gwendolin.

The difference between books and film adaptation

The screening is quite noticeably different frombook original. Thus, in the final of the novels it turns out that the Lodge, without knowing it, was only a toy in the hands of an experienced manipulator and the first known traveler in time, the Count of Saint-Germain. This man sought to achieve his own immortality and nothing more. In this case, the main obstacle in his way was precisely Gwendolin.

Cleverly using her love for Gideon, Saint-Germain tried to get his way. But working together, young people manage not only to destroy the plans of the scoundrel, but also to find immortality.

In the film trilogy, the finals also win over good inthe face of lovers of time travelers. However, in it, Gwen deliberately renounces immortality to stay with Gideon. In addition, the films have added new story moves.

For example, in the book, the relationship between Gwen and Gideon did not go any further. However, in the movie they even had sex.

Also in the third part, Charlotte completely changed her character and betrayed Lozhu in favor of his cousin.

However, the most unexpected invention of the creators of the script was that the butler in the house of Montrose was the son of Gwendolyn.

It is worth noting that due to these adjustments, on the one hand, the trilogy has become more dynamic and interesting, but on the other, many interesting storylines have been lost.

Janis Nivener is an actor who plays Gideon de Villeer in the Timmless trilogy

For the role of a charming time travelerYoung German artist Janis Nivener was chosen. Although participation in the trilogy at the moment is the greatest achievement of the actor, in his filmography, in addition to it, more than 20 projects.

gideon de viller actor

He started filming Nivener from the age of 10. At first he took part in various German TV shows. However, a year later he was invited to the cinema.

In addition to the role of Gideon de Villeer, the actor played Dirk in the Treasure of the White Falcon, Lars in Lethe, Anthony in Wild Girls, Jonas in Parents, Daniel in the tape "This is Love," etc.

After the success of "Timeless" the artist became more in demand in the profession. Among his most notable works in the last few years are East Wind-2, The Girl-King and Jonathan.

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