"Let them talk": viewers' feedback on the transfer

For 16 years on the First Channel there is a talk show"Let them talk". Feedback about the transfer testify to its high popularity. After all, turning on the TV, the audience will learn the unreasoned stories of ordinary people who can not leave anyone indifferent. The talk show tells of the heartbreaking details of the private lives of their heroes.

let them say feedback about the transfer

Often after watching "Let them say" reviewsviewers confirm that what they saw plunged them into shock. The heroes of almost every issue are people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Experts are trying to help them when they come to the studio. They tell the heroes this or that way of solving the problem. Often their opinions are the opposite, which, in fact, makes the discussion on the air more interesting and lively.


When you first watch a talk show,that it is too scandalous, "dirty" and generally useless and pointless. However, the reviews on the Let Let Talk shows that this is far from the case. The program was created not only to gather audiences. It actually helps people to solve very difficult life problems. Councils of experts often once and for all allow you to put an end to intractable matters.

let them say feedback

Separate attention in numerous forumsis given to the permanent talk show host - Andrey Malakhov. For a long period he takes an active part in the lives of many people who came to the studio. Reviews about the program "Let them talk" with Malakhov confirm the sympathy of the audience to the sincerely interested in the heart-rending stories of the presenter. After all, he attracts to solving problems that have arisen among ordinary people, deputies and high-ranking officials, show business stars and public figures.

It is worth noting that in the rating of TV presenter Andrey Malakhov is in the top ten.

Shooting the program

See new releases of talk show "Let them talk"can be four times a week. The program runs from Monday to Thursday. For one working day, as a rule, 3-4 transfers are taken. They get on the air in a certain sequence. For example, a program telling about household squabbles, as a rule, is left in reserve.

diane let the reviews say

This is because such stories are never obsolete. Shooting teams even call such issues "canned".

In the event of extraordinary situations, special programs are broadcast. They are offered to the audience immediately after the filming. "Canned food", as a rule, is waiting for its time.

The audience in the studio

Reviews about the program "Let them say"It's quite easy to make an appointment for her shooting. You can do this either by going to the official program group that is on VKontakte, or by sending SMS to the editorial office.

When can I enroll on the talk show "Let them talk"? Comments from the audience indicate that it is necessary to do this three days before the shooting. A person receives an SMS-confirmation, which indicates the time when he should appear at the entrance to Ostankino.

reviews about the program let them say

What are the conditions that must be met? Choose a business dress code. However, this condition does not mean that in jeans the audience will not be missed.

How else can you be on the program "Letthey say "? Feedback from those who have already visited the talk show, confirm that you can go to the studio simply by going to the entrance. In the beginning, those who have already been recorded are missed, and then everyone is taken.

At the entrance the audience gets a ticket. When he is presented after the transfer it will be possible to receive money. The sum leaves, of course, small. However, it suits many people of retirement age who earn money, moving from studio to studio in the days.

What else can you tell about the talk show "Letthey say "? Comments from the audience indicate that the studio will have to sit out a fairly long period of time. In the process of waiting for filming, people are given advice on how to clap in one way or another.

The latest in the studio appears Malakhov. He reads the welcome text, and the characteristics of the heroes of the show from him can be heard only at the end of the show, when the main characters have already left the studio.

People involved in production

In the program "Let them talk" at the same timefour links of editors. Each of them is engaged in staging his program. The editor refers to the lowest step of the hierarchical service ladder, but without it, the release of the transfer would not be possible. These professionals do all the rough work.

let them say 2017 reviews

They find the most interesting stories, andafter contact with the heroes, persuading them to come to Ostankino. The editors create the iceberg, at the top of which appears the radiant Andrei Malakhov. In the end, he knows all the ways out of those difficult situations, in which the heroes fell.

Collecting material

How does an interesting story appear fortalk show? It is quite easy to find it. The editors monitor news in regional media, and often the viewers themselves write to the e-mail of the program (its address is indicated in each issue of the program). The most difficult thing is to bring the heroes to the shooting.

How persuade people?

Do the characters come to the shooting of the program"Let them talk"? The testimonies of ordinary people testify to the fact that often they are enticed by editors, making every possible trick. As a rule, these professionals are excellent psychologists. They perfectly find what is best to press. Often they even deceive people, appearing as employees of the "Wait for Me" program. Many people trust this transfer.

In numerous forums, you can read a lot abouttalk show "Let them talk." Comments, comments and opinions of ordinary people are often quite interesting. So, some heroes of releases assert that they went to the capital, believing that they will be shot completely in another program. They assumed that they would be on the "Blue Light" or, for example, on the "Health" program.

However, beyond the threshold of the television station Ostankino, they areliterally fell into a skillfully set trap. It is simply impossible to leave from there. You need an escort for this. And here the editors applied psychological treatment. This led to the fact that the person walked under the camera lens, even without wanting it. That's why not every producer is able to work on the talk show "Let them talk" for a long time. For him, it's hard psychologically. After all, there were cases when, in order to bring a hero-alcoholic from a distant province, the editor had to steal his passport, promising to return the document only on the train. Such a specialist has to be much "steeper" than Ostap Bender himself. Here, not only persuasion, but also threats, pressure on conscience and money are put into play. Often the editors come to the intractable hero home, holding a cake in his hand. And if it takes a long time to persuade, then their last argument is the following phrase: "I will be fired."

Why do some people agree to participate in the program?

The inhabitants of the province are distinguished by their trustfulness. And if they are told that there will be deputies in the studio, the staff of the Moscow City Council and they will certainly help in solving the problem, then people agree to participate in the program. In addition, the editors offer considerable sums for the province. On average, they are 5 thousand rubles. Additional payment for travel and accommodation in Moscow.

If a person refuses, the proposedthe amount sometimes increases to 50 thousand rubles. However, judging by the feedback of the participants, most of them agree and to 15 thousand rubles. Sometimes the bar of payment for the main characters rises to 100 thousand rubles. and more. It all depends on the rating of the story.

Preparing Heroes

In some editions, editors specially "wind" people before the ether. They ask them provocative questions, derailing from equilibrium and causing a storm of emotions.

let them say diana shurygina reviews

After such a preparatory work, the participants appear in the studio as if electrified. At the same time at any time they are ready to break and fall into hysterics.

Participation of stars

What makes the talk show "Letthey say "? Feedback about the transfer shows that the popularity of the program, in addition to life stories, gives and the participation in it of stars of different sizes. Some of them come by invitation, and others, thus, gain popularity. For example, Anna Kalashnikova, the former bride of Prokhor Chaliapin, claims that after each of the scandalous issues in Instagram, about 50,000 users immediately subscribe to it. How much do celebrities pay? It depends on their "caliber" and interest in filming. So, stars from the middle echelon of popularity get somewhere around 100 thousand rubles. For forgotten idols of money it is not necessary. They are ready to star in the program for their own PR.

Requirements of Lindsay Lohan

The program "Let them talk" expressed itsinterest in the participation of a Hollywood star. Lindsay Lohan was invited to a popular talk show to talk about her novel with Egor Tarabasov, a Russian millionaire, and also about a scandal break after their meetings. It is interesting that Lindsay did not refuse to come to Russia. However, she put forward conditions that could not be met even by the First Channel. They consisted of a cash award of £ 500,000, registration of an annual Russian visa, the provision of a private airplane with makeup and manicure on board, living in the most luxurious room of the Ritz-Carlto hotel, and organizing a meeting with Vladimir Putin. The channel took into account some of the above conditions and continued negotiations with the actress's agents. However, Lohan did not reach the studio.

The work of editors

Who occupies these positions in the program "Letthey say "? Typically, the editors are young journalists under the age of thirty. Most of them are girls, as they can show more flexibility than men in talking with people. As for the salary, for the capital it is rather modest and amounts to about 50 thousand rubles. But the work for the talk show's editors is a kind of drug. In addition, the one who showed himself in the transfer of Malakhov, can easily find a job in any other TV project.

The most popular story of 2017

The most famous hero at the momentthe program "Let them talk" - Diana Shurygina. The reviews of numerous spectators are confirmed by the fact that in just a few months this girl, absolutely nothing outstanding in her life, became a star of television. To it approach or suit on streets and are photographed, about her songs are composed, and on places of her life tours are organized. In addition, there are even dedicated videoblogs. One of them she leads herself, answering questions and telling how her day went.

 let say shuryigina reviews

Based on some estimates of viewers, there was evencult of personality Shurygin Diana. "Let them say" reviews after the release of this story began to receive as the most popular Russian broadcast. And the cult of Diana even eclipsed the significance of Andrei Malakhov.

Of course, this can cause some surprise. After all, not with the history of a rescued kitten or with the help of an elderly person fell into the program "Let them say" Shurygin. Reviews about her case are far from unambiguous. After all, the glory of the heroine was brought only by a drunken party, where, she said, the girl was raped by Sergei Semenov. This 21-year-old guy was sentenced to 8 years' imprisonment, later after somewhat easing the sentence to 3 years.

Releases of the program "Let them talk", which weredevoted to this scandalous story, watched about 13 million people. This allowed the transfer to rise to the highest step in the popularity rating. And so far the discussion of what the program "Let them say" has shown. Shurygin reviews the audience receives a variety of, but still her popularity is high enough.

Also, discussions continue on the legality of thefrank ethers. After all, Shurygin has not yet reached adulthood. In addition, the girl in the whole country told about her experience of drinking alcoholic beverages, which, according to some viewers, can cause children the desire to try the forbidden substances themselves.

However, psychologists do not agree with this opinion. They reasonably believe that programs with a similar theme help both children and parents make a minimum of mistakes. Andrei Malakhov himself expressed his own opinion about this story. He claims that he has no sympathy for the boy or the girl. He considers the mission of his airtime to help those who are in trouble, and to attract public attention. Numerous reviews on "Let them say" in 2017 and other periods confirm this.

According to psychologists, similar storiescontribute to the identification of internal fears of a person before those external circumstances that he can not foresee in advance. The more uncertain and dramatic the history turns out, the more there is a desire to prevent anything like this. And only after a person understands how he can avoid a tragedy, he will forget one loud case and turn his attention to another.

Angry reviews on the Internet at DianaShurygin and are for many people protection from such fear. Parents of sons accuse Diana, because they are afraid for their child, who can spoil his life by repeating Sergei's mistake. Parents of the same daughters accuse Diana of debauchery, because they are afraid that their girl could also be at such a party. Thus, the program "Let them talk" helps to remove the anxiety of adults and release their negative emotions.

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