The film "The key from all doors": reviews, director, genre, actors

Judging by the audience's comments, "The key to alldoors "- one of the most amazing horror films ever created by American and German filmmakers. Most visitors to virtual cinemas who share their impressions of viewing, admit that they did not even realize that they are watching a horror film - after all, the terrible truth is revealed only at the very end ...

A multi-genre film project

Thriller "The key to all doors" many movie fansfirst perceived as a detective (this is not surprising - after all, the main character is conducting her own investigation!), and after a while note that the screen - a real mystery thriller ...

In this film, the plot of which is "mixed up" withthe transmigration of souls, there are no bloody and frankly mystical scenes, and those spectators who did not have the patience to watch "The Key ..." until the end, as a rule, are perplexed: "What is this horror film? What's so terrible about it? ".

Interesting details

The mystical thriller directed by Ian Softley "The key from all doors" - a 2005 film. This is the second picture (after the "Planet Ka-Peaks"), set by Ian in the 21st century.

One of the advertising slogans of this film project, the script to which was written by Ehren Krueger, was the phrase "Do not be afraid of anything, do not trust anyone".

The budget of the picture was 43 million dollars, and the box office after the world premiere - 91 978 818 dollars. The box office in America amounted to 47,907,715 dollars.

"The key from all doors": actors starring in the leading roles

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The image of the main character - the nurse Caroline Ellis- embodied on the screen American actress Kate Hudson, known for the films "200 cigarettes", "About Adam", "How to get rid of a guy in ten days", "Gold of Fools", "War of Brides" ...

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Spouses Devereux played John Hurt (starring in the first part of "Harry Potter") and Gina Rowlands ("The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie").

the key to all the doors of the film's plot
The role of Caroline's best friend went to Joy Bryant (Joy appears on the screen in just four episodes, but thanks to her character, the viewer can foresee the continuation of this story).

Directed by Ian Softley

Removing "The Key from All the Doors," directed by Ian Softleycould hardly have imagined that admirers of mystical thrillers would suspect him of plagiarism. Such accusations were awarded to Softley regulars of online cinemas who saw in the plot of "Key ..." some resemblance to "Others", "Heart of an Angel", "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and the second part of "horror" "Bell". For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the authors of such reviews are in the minority.

The name of Ian Softley is well known to film fanstwentieth century: his biographical drama "The Beatles: Four Plus One" was released in 1994. Also Softley was engaged in directing the comedy thriller "Hackers" (was released in the film distribution in 1995), melodramas "Wings of the Dove" (the premiere of the film was held in 1997). To the theme of "horror" Softley returned in 2015, when he presented to the audience the thriller "Curved Line."

Script writer Eren Kruger

On the creation of a script for the film "The Key toall doors "(film of 2005) worked American Ehren Kruger. Fame came to him after the release of the films "New World Mess" and "Road to Arlington" (both pictures were presented in 1999), "Gambling" and "Creek-3" (first shown in 2000).

In 2002, the audience was presented with the film "Call", and by 2005, from the pen of Kruger came the script "The Brothers Grimm" and "Bell 2". He is also the writer of some series of "Transformers".

"The key to all doors": feedback from users of the global Web of creativity Kate Hudson

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Before the "Key ..." this American actress appeared mainly in youth comedies and melodramas, where she got the role of romantic beauties.

For Hudson, the role of Caroline, according to some visitors to virtual theaters (as evidenced by their testimonials), "The key to all doors" is the first attempt to "play something serious."

Among the comments left by fansactresses, there are both enthusiastic and less flattering. Some of the visitors to virtual theaters even thought that with the role of Caroline could perfectly handle any other cute girl.

Contents of the film "The key from all the doors"

The main heroine of the picture is 25-year-old Carolineworks in a hospice and dreams of "promotion" - the place of a personal nurse in one of the quietest parts of America. Soon such a place is: a girl gets a place in a suburban house, whose owners are the incompetent dumb old Ben and his suspicious wife Violet.

Caroline had no difficulty in guessing that herThe new ward is afraid to stay in the company of his own wife. The girl feels that this fear is not groundless and begins her own investigation ... Meanwhile, the hostess hands the young nurse a key that can open all the doors in the house. All except one leading to the attic. This forbidden door (because of which constant strange rustling is constantly heard), like a magnet, attracts a young nurse ... In the end, Violet decides to satisfy Caroline's curiosity and tells her the story of the house.

A hundred years have passed since the house of the Devereauxbelonged to a certain banker and his household: his wife and two young children. The household was led by black servants - Aunt Cecil and Uncle Jestiful. The Negroes secretly practiced black magic: not wanting to grow old, Cecil and Jestiphal possessed a spell that allows them, when the time comes, to leave their aged bodies. Looking for gullible, young and healthy people, they made thin "exchanges", renewing their lives again and again.

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Once, when the banker's house was full of guests, childrensomewhere to get lost, and drunken guests rushed to search every corner of the big master's house. Searches ended in the attic: the children were found in a little room under the roof, the inhabitants of which were black servants. Everything testified to the fact that the children of the host witnessed some sort of magical act ... The angry owner, not wishing to hear the confusing explanations of Cecil and Jestifal, himself executed them ...

After several unsuccessful attempts by Caroline,It is possible to open the forbidden door, behind which was hidden a ritual room, set with the attributes of African magicians. Meanwhile, Ben makes an attempt to "reach out" to Caroline, unsuccessfully using all available ways to warn the girl of the danger. However, Caroline, keen on her investigation, does not notice these "messages". In addition, for some time now her thoughts have been occupied by Luke, the lawyer of the Devereux couple, who in fact is not what he claims to be.

What else can we say about the film "The key to alldoors "? The plot of the film is fully revealed only to the sounds of the final chords. Looking at the infirm old people, in whose bodies the souls of a young girl and the full power of a man were found, the spectator involuntarily relives the events of the previous episodes of the picture and re-thinks them over again.

The characters of John Hurt, Gina Rowlands and Peter Sarsgaard

If the spouses Devereaux (who, as it turned out inthe end of the film, in fact they were the worst enemies) at the very beginning of the film history, they only aroused pity and sympathy for the audience, then only the main character, whose soul was "imprisoned" in the body of an elderly woman, "causes a sympathy".

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Many viewers (as evidenced by their testimonials)"The key from all the doors" was perceived as a series of mutually exclusive events, although in reality everything is simple and scary. In the body of the paralyzed old man Benjamin, the spirit of the young lawyer Luke Marshall was languishing (the latter was played by Peter Sarsgaard, at that time known for the films "The Man in the Iron Mask" (premiered in 1998), "Marines" and "Illusion of Flight" (both paintings were for the first time demonstrated in 2005)), under the guise of which temporarily was hidden Uncle Jestiful.

As for the Negro Cecile, whom alltook for Violet Devereaux, she had been waiting all the time for her to come up with a suitable "temporary shelter," and the choice of the witch, unfortunately, fell on Caroline.

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