"The Life of Adele": the actors of the acclaimed drama

"The Life of Adele" is a 2013 film about a passionate,sensual and contradictory history of same-sex relationships. He caused a resonance in the film community and gathered a whole bunch of prestigious awards. Actors of the film "Life Adele" could get used to a very difficult story.

Content of the film

In the center of the picture is the young Adele. Quite an ordinary 17-year-old French girl who studies in high school and wakes up every morning to go to classes. She is absolutely not dyed, but on her head she always has a funny and careless bunch. It is this naturalness that fascinates Tom, a guy from another class. They go for a walk, watch a movie in the cinema and learn the charm of the first kiss.

life of the adele actors

But from the memory of Adele, the image of the girl withblue hair, accidentally met on the street. She feels that despair is embracing her. Relations with Tom do not cause vivid emotions, seem to be faded and ridiculous. As a result, the girl decides to part with the guy and goes to a nightclub to distract herself. This evening again presents a meeting with an unusual charming her stranger. They are irresistibly drawn to each other, and young Adele is immersed in a dizzying lesbian novel. But can this relationship last long? The director of the film, Abdelatif Keshish, managed to achieve the fact that in the provocative drama "Life Adele" the actors and roles coincided one hundred percent.

Adele Ekzarkkopoulos in the role of the protagonist

Young, but already very successful Frenchactress Adel Excarcupoulos played her namesake. The image of the screen Adele turned out to be charming, very organic and natural. She sincerely, without a trace, loves, feels, lives. It's not for nothing that offers and awards fell on Excarcupoulos after this role, as from a cornucopia. She became the youngest owner of the Golden Palm tree in the history of the Cannes Film Festival, and the jury of the César film award dubbed her the most promising actress. Adele fearlessly takes up films with a complex plot and an abundance of intimate scenes. For example, one of her last works was the film "Fatal Attraction" in 2016, where she paired with Guillaume Galen portrayed the story of the forbidden love of a prisoner and the head of the prison.

actors of the movie Adele's life

Leah Seydou in the role of a heavenly temptress

Interesting and others involved in the film"Life is Adele" actors. The second star of the picture is Leah Seydou. She played the role of Emma, ​​captivating the heart of a young Adele. The actress was no less organic, embodying the slightly rough, but attractive image of a young woman with a masculine head. Along with Exarcoculos, it was awarded the Golden Palm Branch in 2013. Almost every film in which Seydou is filmed becomes an opening. It can be seen in the pictures "Beautiful fig tree", "Inglourious Basterds", "Midnight in Paris", "007: Spectrum". One of the most original of her recent works is the drama "Lobster".

life of Adele actors and roles

Details of the filming process

Agreeing on the role in the film "Life Adele",the actors already knew that quite a lot of attention will be paid to the bed scenes. The difficulty was increased by the fact that the two main actresses were to depict same-sex relationships with all the passion and emancipation. Leah and Adele later shared that the director was very pedantic and delayed shooting intimate moments for several hours. Seydou and Excarcupoulos were barely familiar, and Keeshish decided to start with erotic scenes. The girls at first were embarrassed, but the general awkwardness brought them closer. Presenting to each other naked for the sake of more and more repeated takes, they soon began to joke and felt relaxed. For large plans, a special make-up was used: special intimate places were used for intimate places.

Not only frank episodes were noted as the mosttime-consuming in the film "Life Adele" actors. And how they shot scenes of quarrels between lovers Lea and Adele, also told. The director was meticulous and insisted on a real emotional glow. Seydou and Excarcupoulos beat each other for several dozen times to show a scandal and a split in the heroine's relationship. After the premiere of "Life Adel" actors, in particular Adele and Lea, said that they would no longer agree to work with Keshish, for his tyranny and exactingness is difficult to endure.

the life of the Adele actors and how they filmed

Assessments of critics and the public

Incredibly, in total the picture was received40 awards and nominations. Naturally, the head of the list is a triumph at the Cannes Film Festival. Also in the winning coin is the British Independent Film Award, a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination. Prestigious unions of film critics around the world, and especially in the United States, were delighted with the picture and did not skimp on compliments. However, there were those who did not see the depth, but found the work of Keshish banal pornography and the propagation of unhealthy relationships. Well, how many people, so many opinions. Although the bowl of scales with premiums of world significance, which were awarded to actors in the "Life of Adele" and the rest of the creators' team, still outweighs.

The second name of the drama is "Blue is the warmestcolor. "This is a reference to the comic book by Julie Marot, taken as the basis of the plot.The film confirms this name.It turned out bright, full of energy and shades of human feelings.

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