"Mean Girls": actors and features of the film

Today we will discuss the film "The Mean Girl" (2010). The actors who took part in it will be examined below. It's about American comedy drama directed by American director Abe Silvia.


First, consider the plot of the movie "Mean girl". Actors and roles will be given below. The action takes place in Oklahoma in 1987. Daniel Edmondston is an inveterate hooligan. She studies at her high school. Such girls are called "problematic". With her mother, who is called Sue-Ann, she is at enmity. One of the reasons for this is that the latter is going to marry the Mormon Ray. In this case, the main character gets along with Clark - a shy gay classmate. They travel together to a foreign car in Fresno.

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There Daniel wants to find Danny Briggs - hisfather. Clark's goal is to run away from his parents, because they threaten to send a young man to a military school. The boy's mother Peggy and Sue-Ann go after children. The journey becomes a fun adventure, during which all the characters realize what a real friendship is, and encounter many obstacles.

Main actors

Daniel Edmondston and Clark - the main characters of the movie "Mean girl". Actors Juneau Temple and Jeremy Dozier embodied these images on the screen. Let's talk more about the first.

Juneau Violet Temple is a British actress. He became famous for his participation in the films "Atonement", "Another of the Boleyn family", "Cracks". Awarded BAFTA as "Rising Star".

Milla Jovovich appeared on the screen as Sue-Ann.

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Other heroes

Peggy and Tonya are two heroines who are allottedan important place in the plot of the film "The Mean Girl". Actors Mary Steenbergen and Marcella Lenz-Pope played these roles. Dwight Yokam reincarnated as Joseph. Jonathan Slavin played Mr. Potter. Ray and Joel are also featured in the plot of the movie "The Meanest Girl". Actors William H. Macy and Nicholas D Agosto embodied these images on screen: Zack Lasry played Brad, William Horwich played the role of Tim.Raile McClendon appeared on the screen in the image of Mike.

Interesting Facts

Now let us cite a few interesting facts aboutthe film "The Mean Girl", the actors of which gave us a wonderful picture. It is curious that the friendship of the main characters arises against the background of the desire to change life and affect social norms. The premiere of the painting took place in 2010 at the International Film Festival in Toronto. Abe Silvia not only put the picture, but wrote the script. He came up with this story in 2004. The director claims that part of the story is based on his personal experience. Lisa Kudrow and Sally Hawkins were considered as candidates for participation in the film.

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Filming began in Southern California in 2010., and ended in Los Angeles in the same year. The budget of the picture was $ 4 million, while Mila Jovovich, the first-magnitude Hollywood star, took part in the project. Viewing is recommended only in the presence of an adult. The creation of the advertisement was done by the studio The Weinstein Company brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. In total, seven film companies took part in the production. The soundtrack of the film includes compositions performed by Melissa Manchester.

The fan of the latter is Jeremy Dozier,who played the role of Clark. The composition Rainbird was written with the participation of Mary Steenbergen, who played the role of Clark's mother. The film received mixed reviews. The project Rotten Tomatoes notes 27% of negative votes, as well as about 53% of positive. The New York Times noted that applause was not intended for adult heroes, but for performers of teenage roles who did everything they could to save a very chaotic scenario. With a budget of $ 4 million, the film crashed, earning only about 55,000. One of the possible reasons for this is the limited edition.

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