Wise Fables Izmailova: List

When you read the fables of AE Izmailova, it seems that you are communicating with a contemporary - the details of his narrative are so precise and piercing. In itself, his texts are instructive, pleasant to listen to, easy to read and remembered. The list of fables by AE Izmailov is quite extensive.

fables of the Izmailov list

These texts are included in the mandatory minimum of the schoolprograms. This means that every student at a certain age should get acquainted with this wonderful author. The meaning of his short instructive stories is easy to understand. You just need to be able to listen, read between the lines and adjust the individual work of thought in the right way.

Fables of Izmailov. List

4 class is, in many senses, specialage. At this time, children learn to reflect, make their own opinion about the subject. It is at this point that they are offered to study Izmailov's fables. The list of different teachers may differ.

What fables are studied in school? These are the following entertaining texts: "The Wolf and the Crane", "Two Asses", "Correction", "Kashchei and the Healer", "The Merchant Bruchanov", "The Liar", "The Deceptive Appearance", "The Scottish Justice", "The Servant" Dying dog "," Filin and chizh "," Black cat "," Golden string "," Ladder "," Lantern "," Oyster and two passers-by ". Consider the meaning of the four most popular stories.

«The Golden String»

In the fable it is about how, on the musicalThe instrument was torn with a string, and it was replaced with a gold analog. At once the attitude to music changed, it turned out a completely different game. But people did not notice this, because their gold blinded them.

Some people, among other things, startto experience a false sense of pride. And only hard work in achieving the desired helps not to become proud of significant achievements. These are Izmailov's fables. The list helps to highlight the best texts.


The fable tells how muchpunishable may be human pride. We sometimes, for some strange reason, boast about society, consider ourselves better than others. The immediate surroundings (those who are near), as a rule, largely corresponds to our personal indicators and opportunities. This suggests that people with similar potential are attracted to each other.

list of fables

In the text of the fable is told a story about the steps of the staircase, which was proud that it was the upper one. But one day the staircase was just turned over, and the cocky step was downstairs.

This text also indicatestransience of life, proves the fact that everything can change at any moment. As the ladder turns over, events in our lives change in one direction or another, thereby leading to positive or negative consequences for the person. You do not have to be a proud smug to not get into an embarrassing and stupid situation one day.


This fable rightly denounces the humanignorance and the desire to hide their dark deeds. The lantern here acts as the brightest ray of light, which aims to bring out all the bad qualities of character and the corresponding intentions.

When a person lives only with the desire for enrichment,then he inevitably destroys himself as a person. He already lacks the desire to help other people, to do something good in life, to work on themselves, to improve themselves.

The lantern here is an image that reveals real flaws in people.

fables of Izmailov list 4 class

At least once in a life each person needs to read Izmailov's fables. The list can be compiled independently, in any order.

"Oyster and two passers-by"

This text of the great fabulist finds inhuman heart greed. It is this quality of character that obscures everything, prevents mercy and kindness from manifesting itself. As two passers-by could not share the oyster among themselves and raised a big argument about who it will get to, so people sometimes do not want to hear each other, but they strive to do everything with profit for themselves.

What can be more instructive and profound than Izmailov's fables? The list of these texts can be continued indefinitely. They are bright, original, informative and philosophical.

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